Editorial - ¡Hola Tercera Generación de Bienhechas! - Labienhecha

Editorial - Hi Third Generation of Bienhechas!

Everything that happened in this shooting was so magic... Mari Cruz is one of those people who make things easy, hard-worker and very professional. She's a photographer and director and she's careful to a fault. We hope we'll be able to keep working with her because she really understands us and we can see it in these wonderful pictures!



On the other hand, Maxi and Sol worked so hard so the outfits of our models could be the greatest in the world and we think they were awesome! Our Joaquín couldn't miss this shooting, so he appeared in the last minutes because he also wanted to be the stop. We're so in love with these scenes! 



Shooting: @enlagloriaestudio
Art Direction: @delacruzpedregal
Photography: @delacruzpedregal
Models: @barbaralopriv / @maariia_.gmezz
Muah: @maxiluxury
Clothing: @solnortenorte