If you already know us and you know anything about Labienhecha, you won’t be surprise by the fact that we are not in favor of Black Friday.

We know full well that many of you are waiting for it and we have a huge dilemma, because on the one hand, we think about our customers, specially our “bienhechas” customers, and how to help you in this time of year that is already breaking down our necks economically. But, on the other hand, figures are figures and we need to make everything work so the project can get ahead and everyone can make ends meet in the workshop of Labienhecha.

Si, as usual, we want to explain you our reasons in detail. We tell you our point of view below.

Why we don’t like Black Friday at Labienhecha?

  1. Because it complicates the survival of the small business;
  2. Because every action leading irrational consumption means a threat for fair trade and sustainable development;
  3. Because our profit margin are small, and selling more but with savage discounts harm us;
  4. Because this king of massive discounts contribute to the fast fashion movement.
  5. Because encourage the culture of consumption;
  6. Because if the artisan or the entrepreneur or the small business offer you a big discount, they will be pay dearly for it with their work;
  7. Because it supports unfair competition;
  8. Because it doesn’t respect the shopping experience of those customers who have bought during the whole year for a fair price;
  9. Because it endangers (and question) that the whole chain behind every business have a decent job;
  10. Because it leads to the need of a massive production and, so, it harms the environment, among other things;
  11. Because there are no difference between businesses due to the market saturation. The aim is to buy, to buy and to buy, no matter from whom.
  12. Because it makes difficult that the customer can see everything behind a brand or a local business;
  13. Because we prefer you to buy our bienhechas because you like them and you like the project, not because they are “cheap”;
  14. Because we don’t make mass production, our bienhechas are handmade and they need to have a fair price during the whole year.

Does it mean that we go against any kind of discount? No. It’s true that we always have adjusted prices, but Labienhecha offer occasional discount for several reasons:

  1. Because we like taking care of our customers;
  2. Because we want you to know us and, specially, our bienhechas;
  3. Because there are certain seasons, like Christmas, in which we have to spend a lot money and we understand that we need to make things easier; but always with consistency.
  4. Because it’s our way to thank the support and trust that you put on us every time you buy a bienhecha;
  5. Because, at the end, we live off of sales and we shouldn’t boycott ourselves. But always respecting our principles and listening logic and responsible consumption.

We don’t judge different points of view, there’s no doubt that we live in a society in which it’s difficult to exit that complicates leaving the cycle of massive consumption. We don’t want to impose anything or condition your choices. On the contrary, we want you to think about what we are telling you.

That’s why Labienhecha has decided to leave our Christmas (NOT Black Friday) campaign up to you and you can choose your online discount:

  • You don’t want or you don’t need any discount? Let us know by introducing the code IDONTNEEDACODE and we will have a super detail with you for Christmas (it’s a surprise, we are not telling you what it is!). You can use it until January 6th.
  • Do you want 10% off? You can use it until January 6th. Use the code USEMEONLYIFYOUNEEDME10
  • Do you want 15% off? Only for the first 100 orders. Use the code USEMEONLYIFYOUNEEDME15
  • Do you want 20% off? Only for the first 75 orders. Use the code USEMEONLYIFYOUNEEDME20
  • Do you want 25% off? Only for the first 50 orders. Use the code USEMEONLYIFYOUNEEDME25

Don’t be afraid to use them. We just want to take the choice of using one or another code (or none). We just ask you one thing: whatever you do, take a minute to think about it. And, specially, since this expected Black Friday until the end of Christmas and sale season, try to support the local business, the artisan, the entrepreneurs and the small brands if possible. Sometimes it’s easy to make ‘well-made’ purchases.

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