Black Friday 2021 - VIP


At Labienhecha, YOU CHOOSE your BLACK FRIDAY👇

If you don't need a discount, you can enjoy the code IDONTNEEDADISCOUNT, that doesn't imply a discount but it'll include a gift full of our care and gratitude. With this option, you'll help us a lot.

❤️ Here you can find all the discounts you can use with your Early Access: 

👉🏼 If you only need 15% OFF, you can use the code: IONLYNEED15 

👉🏼  If you need a little bit more you can use the code with 20% OFF: INEED20 

👉🏼 If you need a higher one...We got you an exclusive surprise! Only you can enjoy 25% OFF with the code INEED25VIP

*This one is completely exlusive and we won't make it public. It's only for you! For the rest of people that is not subscribed to our list, we'll make available the code INEED25 but it'll have conditions and a minimum order of 250€. We wanted to give you some advantage and an additional surprise, so with the code INEED25VIP you can enjoy the highest discount of the year (and the last one), with no conditions or minimums (just because you're here with us 😙)

⏰ Discounts will be available a little time because...

This year we have a few units and, even if we'll activate LIMITED pre-orders and customizations, we can't work miracles...hehe

😅 We're saying goodbye with these discounts. THERE WON'T BE MORE DISCOUNTS...

❤️ Whatever you choose...It's alright! 

Don't feel bad if you use any of these codes because with all these options, you'd help us a lot 🤗

We're happy because we think that we help each other with all of this and we can see closer our damned goal that will allow us to get the end of the year in a good (or almost good) situation that could sabe Labienhecha.

So, one more year, we leave this choice in your hands 🙏🏼

Thanks a million for everything, from our heart.

Big hug from all of us!!!

PS: We've extended the return time so you can take it easy for your Xmas gifts up to January 31st, 2022

P.S. We also remind you that you can defer your purchases with APLÁZAME when placing your order (only if you're based in Spain).