Manifesto Black Friday 2022


Shopping on Black Friday does not have to mean an act of irresponsible or impulse buying. You are the only one responsible for shopping consciously. 


This does not mean not shopping if you want or need to. Neither does it mean to buy everything just because.  


It is OK to need or want things. And it is also OK to buy them on sale or at a discount.


Did you know that the biggest shoppers on Black Friday are mothers, people with low purchasing power and minorities → Studies show that Black Friday serves as an opportunity for thoughtful, comparative and studied shopping for those who don't have the privilege of being able to skip it and avoid the masses when the general focus is on those who are totally impulsive shoppers.


We believe that the act of responsibility and conscience should be done by those who have the privilege of being able to choose whether to buy with a discount or not, just as one has the privilege of being able to buy sustainable fashion.


If you have the privilege of being able to buy without a discount, do it. And if you need to buy with a discount, do it (and don't feel bad about it).


We could stop criminalizing those who don't have that privilege and do need that discount (even for very basic things in life)


Maybe we should also stop demonizing brands and projects that make a big effort to satisfy those who need that discount and who are also making a daily effort to do things right. The problem is not them, the problem is the system and, by criminalizing those we shouldn't criminalize, all we do is lose focus of the real problem.


Buying with a discount does not have to devalue the work of the people behind it.


Buying from sustainable brands brings a lot of value, even on Black Friday. By doing so, you support companies and projects that contribute to society.


For brands like ours, making this discount means sacrificing our profit, but the fact of losing that profit becomes another benefit: democratizing the consumption of slow fashion and sustainable products, which in most cases are a luxury.


This does not have to be black or white, neither for or against. Sometimes we radicalise or condemn things without stopping to reflect, without putting ourselves in the shoes of all parties.


This may be a day that invites reflection and understanding of consumption, which in itself is not a bad thing. What is bad is that we are deceived by the big chains with price tricks, that we have to eat their overproduction at very low cost, that we do not think or meditate on the purchase, etc


The fact that we participate in this event does not make us like them, like the others... Black Friday does not change our essence or the way we do it. Is it bad to sell? Are we selling a bad product? Are we doing things like them?


It's a win-win for everyone:
- For those who need the discount, to have access to our products.
- For us, who need to sell to finish recovering our economy and close the year in order.
- And for the sustainable economy, in general, because in the time of the year with greatest intention to buy (we all buy gifts for everyone), it is always preferable to buy small, local, artisan and, in short, buy well. Because while we do it and, given the choice, it is better if every euro we spend stays here, generating local employment and activating our economy (the cleanest one).

At Labienhecha, Black Friday has always been in your hands and this year it still is...

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