Our Black Friday this 2022

What are we going to do? And...Why?

We're going to do it our own way: leaving it in your hands. You'll have the highest and the best discount than we can give you (a discount we've ever offered). You have the choice to choose whether you need it or not. And we're going to do it for you, for us and for the sustainable economy.



Black Friday has always been confusing for us and, as the sustainable brand we are, we don't stand up for a massive consumption, but we've always understood that this event or any higher discount is a need for many people.

And yes…this discount sacrifices our profit, but the fact of losing this profit provides a different profit: democratizing the consumption of slow fashion and sustainable items that, in most cases, means a luxury.

For us, this is a strong reason, even more so when it's in our hands to do something in order to make things easier. In our case, most of you are asking for it because after the last price rises (mandatory for us) is the only way. And for us it's an honor to know that, this way, we can turn our product into a more accessible one for everybody, especially that day because most of you are waiting for it to get your bienhechas for Christmas.

We also understand that Black Friday shows two kinds of people: the ones who buy impulsively and the ones who buy in a very thoughtful way because they need it and they plan it.

Those last ones are the ones who don't have the privilege to avoid it and dodge the mass. However, the overall focus is on the other first ones 😅

This is very important for us: THE ACT OF RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSCIENCE SHOULD BE DONE BY THE ONES WHO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO CHOOSE WHETHER THEY BUY WITH OR WITHOUT A DISCOUNT, in the same way that you can have or not the privilege of buying sustainable fashion.


👉🏼 If you have that privilege of buying with no discount, DO IT. 
You can do it from now, without taking part and completely avoiding BF, and you can do it before the date comes and with the available stock so you'll contribute much more → because you can.

👉🏼 If you have the privilege of buying in sustainable brands instead of in fast fashion chains, supporting the small ones when they need you most, DO IT. 
You can also do it from now → just because you can.

👉🏼 And if you need to buy with a discount in Black Friday, DO IT (and don't feel bad about it). 

It's in your hands..

*As a note: Let's stop criminalizing people who don't have that privilege and do need that discount (even to buy very basic things for life) or brand and projects that make a big effort to satisfy them.

They're not the problem, the problem is this damn system that crushes the poor ones and boosts the rich ones.

The problem is big companies that trick us and lie to us with cheats and extremely injurious policies in Black Friday. And by criminalizing the ones we should not, we only lose the focus of the real problem.



You know that we start the year in a very delicate situation that led us to a stop and almost to the end of this project and, even if we've managed to keep moving forward and very good things have been happening lately, we still need a lot of joys to finish the year much better than we started it.

It may seem easy from the outside, but healing a project at a financial level, it's like climbing Everest day by day. 
That's why the end of the year is going to be very important. For us, it can be the final stabilization of Labienhecha and so we can stay calm in 2023, it's about time.
So it would be so cynical of us to say that we don't need to sell, when in fact we need it more than ever to finish the year the right way. 
We believe that taking part on Black Friday doesn't mean an act of irresponsible consumption. We believe that buying with a discount is ok too. And we believe that this is not like joining the big ones. We don't compete with them and it's not our thing...but…because we're a small company we don't need to sell our own way and on our scale? 🤔 

How can the small ones solve our crises if we don't sell when we have the opportunity to do it?

It would be like opening a physical store and not want to let your customers in. 


It's a win-win for everyone 😁

- For those who need the discount, to have access to our products

- For us, who need to sell to finish recovering our economy and close the year in order

- And for the sustainable economy, in general, because in the time of the year with greatest intention to buy (we all buy gifts for everyone), it is always preferable to buy small, local, artisan and, in short, buy well.

Because while we do it and, given the choice, it is better if every euro we spend stays here, generating local employment and activating our economy (the cleanest one). 

How will we do it?

We will make an event accessible to those who have private access and in which they will be able to enjoy our best discount (the biggest we can offer you and we have ever done) for 24 hours.
We don't mass produce. Everything we make is handmade and, as it’s logical, we have a very limited stock and we are not going to overproduce, so whoever has access will have the opportunity to get the available stock before anyone else and at our best price.
Once the private event is over, we will open to everyone with smaller discounts and with the remaining stock.


What do you have to do?

You just have to stay here and we will send you the access to our private event so you can have access to the available stock.
This way you can buy calmly, without haste, and we can also control privately what is happening.

And if none of this convinces you, don't worry, you can click below. You will leave this event and you will not receive any communication from us about BF in your email.

Watch out: if you leave now, you won't be able to come again.

Big hug from all of us!

P.S. If you want, you can read our BLACK FRIDAY MANIFESTO 👉🏼 HERE