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Rosarito with initial
Rosarito with initial
Rosarito with initial
Rosarito with initial
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Rosarito with initial

There’s something better than one of our bienhechas: a customized bienhecha made 100% for you with your initial (or whomever you want).

Rosarito is the perfect purse to keep the essential. You can use her by herself or combine her with other accessories to organize all the things you want to carry inside your bag.

IMPORTANT: Making your customized bienhecha with initial take us between 2 and 15 working days depending on the design. We always try to take as less as possible, and you can always reach us out for further information.

PRE ORDER: Don't miss your favorite bienhecha

When any of our bienhechas is out of stock, you have three options:

  1. You can buy it through Pre order (we always specify the estimated date in which we'll finish the production). Anyway, reach us out and we'll tell you an specific date.
  2. If you can't wait for the Pre order, you can always buy it through our customized bienhechas and we'll get it ahead on our production.
  3. Press the button "Notify me when available" and we'll let you know as soon as it's available again.
Doubts about the color of your bienhecha?

We answer below some of the most frequently asked questions about the colors of our bienhechas:

  • Are the colors on the pictures true to life?We work very hard to show you the colors as realistic as possible, but we must say that, in general terms, your bienhecha we'll have a more intense (and more beautiful!) color in real life.
  • What's the difference between mat black and boom black?Mat black has a completely smooth and homogeneous color with no shiny finishing at all. Boom black, on the contrary, has some texture and a very, very subtle shiny finishing. Also, boom black is a little bit more flexible than mat black.
  • I'm scare about choosing a light color as the cream one and it gets dirtyDon't be scare! It's normal than lighter color get dirty easier than dar colors with daily use. But cleaning your bienhecha is so easy!You just need to use a damp cotton cloth — or even a wet wipe (it's VERY IMPORTANT that it's ALCOHOL FREE) and then dry it. Take a look at out page "Take care of your bienhechas" for further information :)
What's recycled eco-leather?

We often received enquiries about recycled eco-leather, one of the main materials used at Labienhecha for making our bienhechas. These are some of the most frequent questions:

  • Is it plastic? Does it contain plastic? No, we hate plastic! We don’t use plastic in our production.
  • Is it animal leather?  Yes, recycled leather comes solely and exclusively from bovine leather.
  • How is it made? Recycling anything implies a regeneration process. When recycling paper, carton, plastic or cotton, they must undergo an industrial process. It’s the same for our recycled leather: bovine leather is regenerated and transform into a new material.
  • Does it contain anything else than animal leather? Yes, both finish and mass contain natural latex. Natural latex comes from rubber tree sap (Hevea Brasiliensis). It’s a hypoallergenic and breathable material and, unlike synthetic one, it’s not derived from oil, whose main components are butadiene and styrene.
  • Is it easy to care and maintain?  Yes, it’s easy to clean it and much more hardwearing than original leather. For example: meteorological phenomenon like rain or sun doesn’t affect it and it doesn’t get scratched in excess, unlike original leather.


Recycled eco-leather is a very long-lasting material, easy to care and a sustainable and quality choice that offers a lot of possibilities. It is a real and sustainable alternative to plastic and other materials coming from oil that enjoys  a certificate by Oeko Tex Leather Standard and Global Recycled Standard.

We strongly believe that recycling is the future and it is one of the keys to save our planet. That is why we choose a recycled material like our eco-leather, which, in addition, has the appearance, feel and scent of natural leather. This is due to the fact that theses materials are treated with the same processes as in tanneries and they are produced using the same equipment and methods used with the genuine leather.

In order to manufacture our recycled leather, our local provider uses bovine-type fibers that come from the tanning process. That is to say, when the skins are divided to equal or reduce their thickness. In short, the material comes from the waste that has so far been burned through a highly polluting industrial process. Therefore, we believe that we are making this waste valuable again and turning something so negative of this industry into something positive.

To make the new material, these fibers are combined only with natural latex (never plastic) in an unique eco machinery. As a result, our products get softness, smoothness and the most select leather’s scent.

Oh! We almost forgot it:  Our reliable local provider of recycled leather is also MADE IN SPAIN ;)

Handmade with certified materials

HHandmade with recycled leather in our workshop in Málaga by a super team of women who love what they do.

Our recycled leather enjoys Oeko-Tex Leather Standard and Global Recycled Standard certifications.

FREE Shippings and Returns(30 days, European Union) // TOP customer care: reach us out through whatsapp here // 100% local, artisanal, sustainableAnd also the packaging! ;)