Official Announcement: We stop.


Labienhecha will be or won't be at all. We stop.

Yes, we stop. 

We wish we could launch a different kind of announcement but, after careful consideration, we need this turning point and that’s why we’ve taken a drastic decision: we stop Labienhecha until everything is fixed.

We’ll try to explain what’s happening in the most honest, clear and transparent way as well as the reasons for all of this, but first, we’d like to make clear that this is not a defeat. We don’t feel it that way.

We think that this is the most responsible decision we can take and, above all, the one that protects our project the most and the values we work for every day. 

Because we’ve said it a million times: Labienhecha will be or won’t be at all. And this is above all.

This decision doesn’t mean that we’re giving up. Quite the opposite. This is not a goodbye for us, but a “see you later”. 

Neither do we want to feel sad, because with this stop, we’ll manage to provide Labienhecha the future it deserves. 


👉 Why do we stop Labienhecha?

Because we can’t go on like this and neither we can keep doing all the donkey work without fixing problems that started way back.

As we told you last October, Labienhecha’s situation was very delicate. We found out that we were not profitable and that we had financial issues that we should fix as soon as possible.

We had to raise prices, restructure our processes, our team and our way of working.

And to be honest, we’re so happy and proud because we managed to redirect the situation and start a new and more mature phase in which everything started to make more sense.

Today, we can say that our project is viable and that we know how to do it. Finally, the damn numbers add up and we have the perfect team to get it right.


👉 But…If you’re profitable, why are you stopping?

Basically, because we’ve done everything very late.

The problem is that, even if we’re profitable now, we haven’t done it right for a long time and, today, we don’t have enough money to keep going on.

We came from a delicate situation that it’s not been fixed yet. It makes sense: we have not been able to fix the mistakes of two whole years in just two months. And, what it makes even more sense: if we have no money, we can’t carry on.


👉 So…What’s the solution? 

Luckily, there are solutions and that's why we hope more than ever for Labienehcha’s to be able to keep moving forward.

Thanks to the fact that now we have a validated business model, we have the chance to look for a healthy funding. And we are going for it.

👉 We need funding, but Labienhecha will never sell its values.

We’ve been working on it for a while… and it’s much tougher that it seems.

There are a lot of different kinds of fundings, not just the traditional one. The thing is that everything takes a lot of time and, in addition, we don’t want to put what really means Labienhecha in danger.

According to a lot of experts, what we need is an investment injection that we’ve not seen clearly so far.

They recommend us to put our project in people/investors’ hands who are going to tell us how and what to do in exchange for their money and… honestly, we don’t think this is the solution. Or at least, a solution that respects our project.

We don’t want to sell our soul. We don’t want to put Labienhecha in the hands of people who do not understand our values, who do not what sustainability is, who do not understand what working in an ethical way means, who want to turn us into simple numbers to make their money profitable, who would prefer (and would force us) to produce in China or Bangladesh so they can get better figures, who do not understand what we are or how much we’ve fight to come this far and who do not understand how tough is women’s entrepreneurship neither or who do not even know what feminism is.

We don’t mean that there’s no people with investment capacity that can respect this project and help us to make it grow but, so far, we have not been that lucky.

And… we’ve always said it: we are not going to sacrifice our values. Because the integrity and the honesty of the brand and the project are not for sale. Because Labienhecha will be or won’t be at all.

In this sense, Labienhecha will never belong to people who do not understand it. If Labienhecha belongs to somebody, it belongs to US and, then, to YOU. And we're going to democratize this project in the most "well-made" way ever.

👉 We’re going to look for an ethical funding 

That’s why we're going to look for funding in line with our values. We’re going to apply for grants, to bet on an alternative funding that really allows Labienhecha to be what it is without having the noose around our neck.

Because our growth shouldn’t make us quit the most important thing. And because we believe that there’s a way to protect these principles.

And even if the fact of being “well-made” people or being an ethical project cost money and sacrifice in this country, we’re going to do it.

👉 But…How are you going to do it? 

We have to stop for sure because we can’t face more production. Neither can we go on without any injection of money.

That’s why we need two urgent things:

1. Get the money we need as soon as possible to be able to face our payment responsibilities and get out of the hole. To do that, we’re going to clear out our stock (you can already find it in our website) and we’ll also clear out our materials so we can finish the last bienhechas’ production (you’ll find them as pre-ordered items and they’ll be the last ones we make). Once we can sell our stock, we’ll close the web until we can retake everything.
The amount we’ll get in this stock clearance will be the boost we need to be able to reorganize ourselves, to find specific solutions, to catch up and to be able to come back as soon as possible.
2. Keep looking for the funding model in which we really trust so we can prosper and so Labienhecha can enjoy a much more solid financial structure and a logical and decent future.

    👉 With your help, we can do it

    It’s not the first time we come to tell openheardly what’s happening and ask for help. 

    When the pandemic came, we all felt a huge uncertainty and even if we had no idea what would happen, we were able to go on thanks to you.

    Then, when we found out that we were not profitable, we were demoralized and we were scared and, once again, you helped us. Thanks to that, we’ve been able to project a profitable business. Just because of it, we owe you everything. 

    And today, we don’t have another choice but to ask for help again because we can’t get through this without you.

    The difference is that this time we see everything much clearer than ever because we’re sure that we can provide Labienhecha with a better life.

    And we need you now for it.

    👉 Our way to help and give you back everything we owe to you

    We’re going to offer two options in this stock clearance: 

    1. If you want to buy but you need a discount, you can use the code IBELIEVEINLABIENHECHA and you’ll enjoy 20% off. This way, you’ll help us to get the money we urgently need. 
    2. Our best offer: buy now without a discount and you’ll help us much more and, in exchange for it, you’ll have access to the best offer we could ever make in our entire life.
    How? We’re going to give you back the amount of what you spend in something that values much more than that. And, if you want, you'll be part of our future.

    We can’t tell you anything else. You’ll know it once we clear our stock and we can move to the next stage... You just need to trust us <3

    👉 We hope to come back soon

    For real, this is not the end. We’re sure that we’ll be able to come back stronger and having learned a lot as soon as possible.

    We’re very happy and proud to have come this far. We know that we’ve built a great project and that’s why we’re all in.

    We have big plans for the future… Labienhecha deserves it and, why not say it, we deserve it too.

    And we wish you’ll be part of that future.

    Thank you for everything, always. 

    We send you a big hug from all of us and… long live to Labienhecha :)


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