We don't make perfect things, we just make well-made things

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Limited Edition:
We are all bienhechas

We’ve created a limited, unique and once-in-a-lifetime edition with three of your favorite designs that, by magic, have been inspired by all the support and the hundred messages we’ve received during our stop. Save your before May 17th and get a Limited Edition Gift valued at more than 30€!

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This is us

Behind Labienhecha you'll find a team of women making (well-made) things in a small workshop in Málaga and working around three main principles: making a quality, local and ecological product; raising awareness about sustainability and, on the other hand, empowering the women role in entrepreneurship and in life, in general terms.

for a well-made future

Labienhecha will be or won't be at all

Since the first moment when we started this project, we have worked really hard to show that there is another way to make things and, even if it’s not easy, we will always remain committed to our values and our promises.

Recycling and recycling

We strongly believe that recycling is the future (and it's also our present). We must give life to every available resource because this is one of the main keys to save our planet.

Real sustainability!

That's why, we design and create bags and other beloved things using only recycled and certified materials of national origin. Sustainability is not an option anymore. For us, this is not negotiable!

Well-made women’s team

Everything we make is produced in our own workshop, with our own hands, in a handmade and honest way, by a super team of 11 women who love what they do and give everything for it.

Very fast and free shipments

We ship it to you for free wherever you want within the EU. If you need it in 24h, it’s also possible with our express delivery.

30 days returns. Free!

Even if we’re sure you’ll love your bienhecha, you can request a return or an exchange for free during 30 days.

100% Safe and Easy Payment

You can pay by card, Paypal or bank transfer in a 100% safe way. You have also the option to defer your purchase!

Excellent customer service

You’ll always find us very quickly at any of our channels of customer service: whatsapp, social media, email...

Mom! Mom!
Look what they say about us!

We appear in the press, in the radio and in wonderful magazines. And…the most important thing to us: what our customers think about our products and about us...


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