Yes! Just like that… a place for us, for all the bienhechas, where we’re going to enjoy, learn and keep growing together.

We’ve named it “WE ARE ALL BIENHECHAS” in honor of you all...Yes!... All those who don't give up, those who know that we're stronger together. That we're unbeatable.

Being part of our club means to be part of a family, join us to build a more sustainable world, , support local employment, fight against injustices, defend women rol in the work environment (and in life, in general terms), encourage a culture with more empathy and sorority and, in short, make a better future happen.

This is something we want to feel very proud about and we want you to make it yours too. A space where you can feel comfy, where you can be yourself, where we can keep making progresses towards a well-made future and, above all, something for us to give you back all the love and the unconditional support.

And not only you'll be part of our family, but you'll also have a lot of additional benefits.



Together we can make great things


Being part of our Labienhecha’s family and of our future.

This is very important to us because, one way or another, the most pure values bind us together. The desire to change things and fight for a more well-made future bind us together and we’re sure that we can achieve great things.

We not only open the door to this family for you so together we can keep building that community, but we also to our future, counting on you for everything and sharing our successes.

And you, Do you want to be a bienhecha?

Live Labienhecha's backstage

Find out all those things that we won’t make public and stay in family. Take part actively in everything that happens here, in pre-designs, prototypes… In short, be part of a project that we’re willing to run together with you as far as we can go!

Early and priority access

Priority access to new collections, launches, private sales, future limited editions and, who knows, maybe to our future Atelier (that would be magic, right?) We want you to be here forever, together with us, enjoying with us all the beautiful things of this project.

Taking part in decision making

Yes, yes… Just the same way we do it all of us here! And just like one more of us! We always do it by vote and we’ll count on your vote to choose new designs, to name the new bienhechas, choose colors and materials and much more things!

Access to our private events

You’ll have exclusive access to our private events and you’ll be able to attend them and participate live to private talks with other empowered women like us who have a lot to share because of their personal or professional experience. And much more!


We have much more things for you

With the new Club we’re going to take Labienhecha much further than you could imagine now. We all want Labienhecha in its purest state and with all its essence. And with this club, we’re going to give back all the love we’ve received over the years. Because Labienhecha is not only those beloved bags. Labienhecha is much more than that. Labienhecha is you and us. So… imagine everything that is to come! Now we can only promise you that it'll be worth it. Because Labienhecha deserves it and we ALL deserve it.


Get your key now

At this time, you can only access to the club by buying on the three designs of the Limited Edition "Labienhecha is all of us". Stay tuned to our emails to get further news or subscribe here if you're not!


And you, do you want to be a bienhecha?

If you identify with this or if it motivates you, if you know that you want to be a bienhecha or if you're just curious and you want to know more about all of this, we encourage you to read our Manifesto and discover our values