Labienhecha rose up in a very special and modest way. In 2018, we had a manufacturing workshop funded by Irene (Labienhecha’s “mother”), and the idea was to offer services for other brands that wanted to produce that way but, sadly, things weren’t going well at all…

So for us, Labienhecha was born the day when, for the first time, we took part in an artisanal market in Málaga. It was June 23rd 2019, a date we'll always remember as the miracle day...


Labienhecha rose up in a very special and modest way. We had a manufacturing workshop funded by Irene (Labienhecha’s “mother”), and the idea was to offer services for other brands that wanted to produce that way but, sadly, things weren’t going well at all…

We invented a thousand things to try to survive, but we didn’t manage to keep the workshop above water.

We made a lot of prototypes with our recycled leather to show them as a sample for other designers so they could see the quality of the product and our savoir faire, until one day we realized that those prototypes were special. We were in love with the designs and we felt that there was something else there.

In June 2019, when we were about to close, we participated for the first time in a handmade market in Málaga. It was June 23rd and, in a very magical way, what we call “the first miracle” happened.

We were with a bunch of bags and we came back home with empty boxes.

For us, that’s the day when Labienhecha really was born just the way we conceive it today :)

The growth
Labienhecha starts to grow up

Since that day, we started to participate in events and markets, rushes up and down started too, trips in cars full of bags…

We juggled… It was crazy… But… it was always worth it!

We were not only surrounded by bags, but also by such a feedback and love that was still hard to believe for us.

The next step was to launch our e-shop and… Few months later, we decided to take the risk and open a physical store in the city center of Málaga.
We had loads of hopes and plans for that new space that we wanted to use to open the doors of our home.

But we didn’t know that the universe had something very different prepared for all of us… And, just two months after inaugurating that store, the pandemic came to change the whole world’s plans.

Our store was a brief adventure that we never were able to retake…

During the lockdown, we received a huge support and, as soon as we could come back, we found hundreds of orders to ship. Also, we not only had that great support from our community (that means the world to us), but we also received the great news that Labienhecha would be part of the Go For Good program of Galeries Lafayette. And… Oh my God! We had a great challenge to face!

That news made our small workshop, where everything started, wasn’t enough. And, once again, we took the risk in such a difficult moment and we moved to a bigger workshop in Málaga.

The stop
Labienhecha should (and have to) mature

Since that June 23th 2019, when Labienhecha really was born to us, the project has always got us panting, as we usually say.

“Labienhecha goes ahead… and we’re always running behind”

Sometimes, growing fast is not as good as it seems… And, in fact, we suddenly realized that things started to be out of our control. After all, Labienhecha started with the idea of being a small workshop and not a project as it is today.

We had to make decisions, readjust processes, raise our prices because we weren’t profitable, literally, and even if the feedback was unbelievable again, it was too late to fix our situation. How could we fix a problem from long ago in just a couple of months?

That’s why, we made the most responsible decision for us: stop until we could fix everything and provide Labienhecha with the future it deserves (and we deserve) without giving up our essence or our values. Because come what may, we have to say that Labienhecha will be or won’t be at all.

Limited Edition. Labienhecha is all of us

In March 2022, we created a limited, unique and once-in-a-lifetime edition with three of your favorite designs that, by magic, was inspired by all the support and the hundred messages we received during our stop.

Labienhecha flowers again

In April 2022, we reached the goal with our crowdfunding and we got back to the workshop. To celebrate it, we decided to pay tribute to our greatest inspiration source during our stop: our mothers and grandmothers.

We open a store in Málaga

A new miracle happens in September 2022 and we manage to reopen a physical store in Málaga (Calle Compañía 14).


In April 2023, and after a lot of years of research looking for a plastic-free vegan material that makes us feel comfortable about and that allows us to keep our designs, we finally launched our SOFTIE & VEGAN collection.

It was the best launch in our entire story! The first manufacturing batch got sold out after just some hours and the next ones are always sold like hot cakes.

SEGUIMOS CRECIENDO: segunda tienda física
Abrimos tienda en Madrid

El 21 de abril de 2023 cumplimos un sueño: abrir nuestra segunda tienda física en Madrid.

Lo de aquel día fue para nosotras algo que no podemos explicar con palabras. Cuánto cariño de nuestras clientas, embajadoras, amigas y familia en un momento tan importante para nosotras.

Y qué tienda taaaaaan bonita que nos quedó. Sin duda, el sueño se hizo realidad.

Labienhecha will be or won't be at all

Since the first moment when we started this project, we’ve worked so hard to show that there is a different way to make things and, even if it's hard to keep it over the time, our values are (and will be) above anything else.

Because the principles of the brand and the project are not for sale. Because Labienhecha will be or won’t be at all. And we’ll always fight for it.