Do you want to defer your purchases at Labienhecha? Now you can finance them in an easy and reliable way with Aplazame or Klarna. We’re easily explaining everything to you:


  • Buy the bienhechas you want for a maximum of 1.500€ per transaction.
  • Choose the best method for you. Depending on your country, you'll find different options: 
    • Pay in 3 free of interest: You'll pay the first installment when your order is shipped.
    • Pay in 30 days: Pay 30 days after the shipment of your order, free of interest or commissions.
    • Financing: Choose 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. You'll be able to check all the details in Klarna before accepting the transaction. 
  • Make it easy. You just need your phone, a credit/debit card and your ID.
  • Klarna is available for buyers within: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria and Finland.
    Check below the available options regarding your country: 


    Pay in 3
    (free of interest)

    Pay in 30 days Financing (6, 12, 24
    or 36 months)
    Spain X
    Portugal X
    Germany X X
    France X
    Italy X
    Belgium X
    Netherlands X X
    Ireland X
    Austria X X
    Finland X X


    How to buy with Klarna

    1. Place your order as usual and choose Klarna as payment method. 
    2. Choose your payment method with Klarna regarding the available options in your country... Remember that Pay in 3 months and 30 days are always FREE of interest! :)
    3. Klarna will ask you for a picture of your ID, as well as your basic information and the credit or debit card you'll use to pay your installments.
    4. And ready! You'll see a confirmation message if everything is ok and you'll receive the confirmation of your order.

    Safe and easy payment

    Klarna is a completely safe payment method. You'll be able to check all the terms and conditions in their web. 

    Through their app you'll be able to easily handle and check your payments, your orders and return as well as to introduce your payment methods. Also, with Klarna, you won't payment anything until your order is shipped. 

    Financing conditions

    The granting of the payment method is subject to Klarna's request. 

    Before accepting your financing, you'll be able to check all the details, with no surprises or issues. You can reach them out through their web or app anytime you need it. 


    • Buy the bienhechas you want for a maximum of 1500€ per transaction.
    • Choose the best monthly fees for you, until 36 months.
    • Make it easy. You just need a phone, a card and an ID or EIN.
    • With the Aplazame financing tool you can use a credit until 2500.
    • Aplazame is only available for buyers within Spain.

    Buy as usual

    You can defer your payment without having to sign up. You just have to buy as usual and, at the end of the process, clicking on Aplazame as payment method. Then, you only need to enter your basic data and it’s done!

    We show it to you step by step

    Completely transparent

    There’re no hidden commissions. You will only pay for what you can see in your buying process. You don’t have to worry about anything.

    Very easy

    We’ll give you the credit without documentation nor paperwork. You can decide everything: the months when you want to pay and the day you prefer to do it, then we show interests to you and if everything is ok, we’ll confirm your credit immediately.


    Your data will be safe. You can choose with which credit you want to pay, and you can choose as much as you want. We make it easy for you so you can safely buy. We’ll process your order and it’ll be delivered to you. Buying now and paying later is so easy.

    Financing conditions

    We tell you some things about conditions: When you choose Aplazame you’ll ask to make a first payment, so your credit will be the price of your shopping minus that first payment. That will be the amount we’re going to finance in the monthly fees you want. For example, to explain it easier: a 6 months financing will imply 7 payments, one in the moment in which you agree the credit and 6 monthly fees in the next 6 months after the purchase.

    Payments are made with the card you enter in Aplazame.
    Aplazame will send you a text message with no cost for you.
    The granting of the credit is subject to the compliance of the requirement indicated by Aplazame.

    We hope this can help you and so you can keep supporting Labienhecha <3