Labienhecha has something special for us…It has always had it.

And it’s not only because of our designs, because of the fact that we make them ourselves in our own workshop or because of our values around sustainability, local or handcraft (but also…).

For us, what is really special in Labienhecha is you, us, are all women who know that together we are better. 


We would say more than that: we’re much stronger. We’re unbeatable.

Yes, fellow, sister, friend. 

Now that you’re reading these lines, we would like to tell you that it’s that simple to us. Because…we have no doubt that Labienhecha is all of us:


All the empowered and resilient women full of courage and strength.


All those who don't give up because they have in their blood the genes of our mothers and grandmothers or because they’re now the ones who give life.


All those who gave up but who asked for help.


All those who have not asked for it yet, but we’re sure they’re going to do it.


All those who fight for their dreams and hopes, for what they love and for who they love.


All those who are themselves, the ones who don't want to be better than anybody but who wake up every day trying to be their best version.


All those who love themselves because of it. The ones who are proud to be who they are and who they’ve been, with their defects and their virtues and with their mistakes and learnings.


All those who slow down the rigorousness in exchange for some self love.


All those who really commit to themselves, to their values and to others.


All those who make things with passion and dedication and with honesty and transparency.


All those who make magic even when they don’t have resources, just like the great women of our lives.


All those who look at the future, embracing learning and growth.


All those who are holding the idea that things can be changed.


All those who feel feminist. Those who support sorority and empathy.


All those who raise their voice against injustice and join the change.

Maybe you’re thinking the same way we're thinking…

Maybe you’ve already realized it… Because we’re very clear about it: Labienhecha is all of us. Labienhecha has to be all of us...

All those who are not perfect but there’s no doubt that are perfectly bienhechas.