Behind Labienhecha you'll find a team of women making (well-made) things in a small workshop in Málaga and working around three main principles: making a quality, local and ecological product; raising awareness about sustainability and, on the other hand, empowering the women role in entrepreneurship and in life, in general terms.

Our story

Labienhecha rose up in a very special and modest way. We had a manufacturing workshop funded by Irene (Labienhecha’s “mother”), and the idea was to offer services for other brands that wanted to produce that way but, sadly, things weren’t going well at all…

The family

Everything came up from laughs with the co-workers that work behind a workshop's closed door. A work space that, little by little, has become much more than that. From those laughs and from our nonsenses, Labienhecha was born. It was very strange at the beginning and very beloved at the end, because we see it like that vintage touch, that traditional touch, that slow burn or those longtime things made with the heart, together with the modern freshness.


The 11 bienhechas

Who would have guess it? We start this adventure being 4 and today we're a super team. Yes, a SUPER TEAM of 11 women that love what they do. And that’s clear. We make everything ourselves here. From the idea to the bag. From the bag to the box. From the web to the translation. From accounting to marketing or communication. When we say everything, we really mean everything. Labienhecha is a project 100% self-managed by us that, in addition, is full of passion, love and care.


From Córdoba to Málaga and a whole world walked in between. A journalist that has become endless things. She's capable of playing the rol of executive arm as well as the thinking mind. She's tenacious, intense, perfectionist, loyal. Our Ire is the seed of Labienhecha.


She's one of those who leave everything to fight with you, no matter what she can lose or win. Always with good vibes and looking for more. You can learn from her every day, as well as she keeps learning and improving. She's loyal, honest and human as no one else. You can trust her with all your heart.


A great attitude, good sense and personality; that our blondie and she's too much. No matter for what you need her, she'll be there ready to do it and to do it well. She's a head full of curls, ideas and curiosities that will be the source of much talk (in the best sense you could imagine). Our Cris worths her weight in gold.


The woman of the contagious laugh and the thousand stories. You may not look for an ounce of meanness, because you won't find it. You can see from far that everything she makes, she makes it with her heart. She never loses the hope. Our Ana is empathy, implication and transparency.


The youngest woman of Labienhecha. She always wants to be where you need her, to contribute with her craziness or her good sense, to calm the storm with a huge "don't worry". Our Beli is a rough diamond that has much to teach us, she's an example of team spirit and personality.


When the savoir-faire, the desire to learn everything from the beginning, the initiative and the interest to contribute converge... boom! There she's, pure dinamite. Our Sol, the tireless woman with a restless mind and rivers of ideas. Since she first came, she became one of us.


The first time we met her, we knew that she would understand very well what Labienhecha was. Yes, she knew that everything we make has a little bit of all of us. She has teached us so much and we still have so much to learn from her! Our Raquel means dedication and she’s a wonderful discovery!


There's no one like her. She's able to tell bad jokes that make you laugh till tears, to read you with a glance, to make the most perfect stitches and to row with you until the end. Is there something our Ani can’t do? So far, we have not discovered it!


We knew from the very beginning that Labienhecha was the perfect place for her and the other way round. She wanted to give her vision and her way of doing things because she believed in this project before she met us. And we’re so lucky to have her! Yes, our Anaïs show us everyday that this is her place.


She's one of those hunches that prove that follow your intuition is always a good idea. She bet on us and we couldn't feel any luckier. Our Vane has shown so much (so so so much!) in so little time; she's the hard work and the perseverance in the flesh.

Irene Jai

One of those coincidences of life put her in our way and we just can say… Thank you, universe! Because she’s a box full of surprises, she can do anything, she’s at your side until the end. Our Irene is bienhecha from head to toe.

Do you want to join our team?

At Labienhecha we always want to know different minds and heads that want to join our adventure. Send us you CV or portfolio at at let us take a look at it. If we don't have any job available, we'll keep you in mind for the future!

Thanks to Gabi and Panamá for these amazing pictures for the memory <3  |  | @panamadiaz

Do you want to join our team?

For us, Labienhecha is almost a way of being or living.

It's dedication, commitment, passion, care, honesty and nice work, the kind of work you like to do even if not every day is easy.

Women of this team make a lot of things with loads of love. And the best part (or sometimes the worst) is that we make everything here: design, prototypes, creation, production, distribution, sales, management, customer service, communication, marketing... We're well-made women for everything! ;)

If your spirit is also well-made, if you want to be part of this amazing craziness, if you think you can give something positive to our team or you just want to do a collaboration or make us a proposal, you can email us at with your CV, your proposal or whatever you want.

We'll be happy to meet you!


Long live to Labienhecha

We like challenges, we like taking charge of our mistakes and learning about them, we love looking back to see the way we’ve gone across, but what we love the most is looking ahead and keep dreaming. We hope we’ll be here for much longer as happy as we’re now. And we hope we’ll be able to keep growing and reinforcing our values as a brand and as a project.