Official Announcement

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Official announcement:

Today we're going to tell you something very important to us. We need to be completely honest with you (and with ourselves).

We’ve spent a lot of time racking our brains, thinking a lot, evaluating and analyzing everything in detail because some things are going wrong and the time has come to make an URGENT decision.

On the one hand, we’re really proud and happy about the growth of this project (and even ours).

We still keep our first (very first) prototypes and designs and, every time we see them, we freak out. 

We’ve progressed a lot, we’ve improved our techniques, we’ve been providing better quality and service in all senses day by day. 

And, to be honest, we want to keep doing it.

The future of Labienhecha

We want a worthy future for Labienhecha, because we’ve worked really hard and sacrificed more than you could imagine to keep moving forward in the last tough times we’ve all experienced.

We also want to keep producing the way we do it now, in our own workshop, without taking our production to China or Bangladesh. This is one of the essential pillars of our project and we want to do it whatever it takes.

We want to move forward with our own R+D, work with other sustainable and certified materials, provide more options, develop our knowledge, improve our resources to get better results, optimize our workshop and always bet on harming our planet as little as possible.

We want to keep creating local employment and activating decent jobs in this workshop. And we say DECENT because we’re proud to say that at Labienhecha, the team enjoys a job condition that we wish we could find in at least 10% of the rest of workshops in the world.

We want to keep raising our voice to create awareness, to help each other in making well-made things and to keep moving forward in our fight to empower women’s role in entrepreneurship and in life, in general terms.

The truth of Labienhecha

We’re sure you find all of these things amazing, right? At least we do, hehe.

In fact, we’ve been quite utopic and idealistic since we started this project. We’ve always thought that it was possible to do it and we’ve gone for it without taking into account 40000 things that were required and well, now EVERYTHING HAS EXPLODED AND WE CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE.


What do we mean? We’re going to try to sum it up below:

  • WE’RE NOT PROFITABLE. Yes, just as you heard it (or read it).

Some months ago we put our numbers in the hands of expert consultants and…BOOM! Everything was wrong or rather catastrophic. We’ve been suffering losses for a lot of time and… wow, that’s really tough for our future.

The truth is that we got so scared (and we’re still worried), but with the help of the team that is expert in all of this, we don’t lose hope.


Losses are a serious thing (of course), but it also means that there’s no money to reinvest so we can move forward and improve.


From our leather, to the thread or the paint, or even the cardboard… Eeeeeverything has suffered an incredible price rise that is killing us.

n some cases, we’re talking about an increase 30% - 40%. 


We’ve made all our promotions and campaigns from our heart in order to make things easier for you, but… we’ve put so many things at risk.

So much that we need to change our whole discount policy to minimize discounts a looooooot (once or twice a year).

We’ll try to offer other kinds of promotions that you can enjoy but that at the same time are not harmful for us. We’ll talk about it at a different time… but we’ll also need to minimize it.


Charges at Labienhecha are divided in different ways. We all don’t have the same responsibilities, but we can tell you that each one of us lives in fear and stress every day.

As numbers don’t add up and sometimes we’ve a lot of financial problems, we live in fear.

This is because we’ve done it the wrong way so far (we’ve learnt the hard way because we don’t know about finances and all that stuff).

How could a project such as Labienhecha, that has grown so much, not be profitable? It’s just like that… not everything that shines is made out of gold :(


This is horrible, but there’s something very clear in our minds: the values of are and will always be above anything else and we have to find a way to keep our promises.

That is: Labienhecha will be this way or it won’t be anything.

Sadly, the only thing we can do to survive in this picture is to raise our prices.

The salvation of Labienhecha

We know that this can be hard… (you tell us… that couldn’t even breathe when the financial team showed us their reports), but this price rise is completely necessary for us to survive and it means HOPE to us.

How are prices going to rise?

On average, everything will rise around 15% - 20%, even if the financial team has analyzed every item exhaustively and in some cases the rise will be lower, but in other cases the rise will be significant.

This can mean an average of 10€ - 15€ more in orders. We don’t know if you think it is a little or a big rise, but for us it could mean our salvation.

This is the only way we can keep our promises, we can keep our workshop alive and Labienhecha can enjoy a future.

It’s hard, but it's what it is. Just like that.

When is it going to happen?

Well..when we say that we need urgent solutions we’re completely serious and we can’t help but to rise prices immediately.

We’ll apply the price rise next Monday 18th October and there won’t be a way back of exceptions. 

That’s to’s something imminent but we could say that, until Monday, you can enjoy some kind of 15% - 30% discount because until then, you’ll find the current prices on our website.

If you want to take advantage before it, great! We’ll be happy

Even if what you want is not in stock and you find it on PRE-ORDER, you can buy it with the current price and we’ll make it for you.

Enjoy before the price rise: GO TO THE SHOP NOW

And if you prefer to wait and buy after the price rise, we’ll be also really grateful. 

We hope you understand it and you can stay here with us. We’ll keep giving everything for this…that’s for sure!

We send you a big hug from all of us.

P.S. As usual, we’re all hears. If you think we’re wrong or that there’s another solution, don’t hesitate to answer to this email and we’ll be happy to read you <3