Yes, Labienhecha has been one of the five finalists for Andalucía Emprende Awards among a bunch of projects and businesses.


But this is not the best part...The best part is that the gala was yesterday and we got an absolute majority in the audience votation with 87% of votes.

OMG!, 87%!

Obviously, that figure is just the reflect of what we have at the other side: the best customers, friends and family we could ever have. You're absolutely the best ❤️

To be honest, when we heard the news we couldn't believe it...

We were among the 5 finalists for an entrepreneurship award and with a hammering in audience vote. Who would tell us that we would get that far?

At the beginning, we didn't really know what everything was about, but we started to understand it little by little and we were so happy about all of this.

They told us that we had to record a video to introduce our project and even if we wanted to be all there, we just could have one spokesperson, and she's our Ire, or as we call her here, the mother of Labienhecha.

She did it so well, as expected (even if it was so difficult for her and she took about 84.893 bloopers 😂)

This video was shown in the live on June 21st. We watched it from the workshop and we were so nervous. It was then when we asked you for your vote, that was also live.

The truth is that, at the end, we didn't win the award of the jury but it's been more important for us to win that audience award with 87%. Honestly, our hearts were full of love because of that.

The fact of feeling that so many people support us and that you're there giving us your energy and encouragement, make us believe that everything we make worths it. be honest, there's no better award than that.


We've started this roller-coaster project just two years ago...and it has completely changed our lives in no time.

And...yes. There's been many obstacles but also many happy moments like this one.

And even if we forget it sometimes, we have to celebrate the good things

And we want to celebrate this one with you 🥰

We feel very grateful and with our hearts full of excitement because the most we continue with this project, the better we realize that we're not just making bags, but we're creating a community of amazing people that give us all their support, and the most important thing is that you give us the strength to keep moving forward.

Thanks a million!

P.S. By the way, don't miss the bombshell we're preparing for tomorrow ;)

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