We've been two years involved in this project that, as we always say, has completely changed our lives. Two years since that day in which a miracle happened that changed the course of everything and filled this workshop with hope.

And…OMG!, So many things have happened since that moment!

Every time we think about everything has happened, everything we've lived, suffered, cried, laughed, and celebrated since that day, we get goose bumps. It seems a century has passed.

This last year has been especially difficult, not only for us, but for the whole world. And still, we're lucky enough to say that we've lived a million of good things. And these are the things we want to share and remember today with you <3


  • Right after the first lockdown, we gathered our courage and we moved from our workshop in El Palo to a bigger one. It was very sad to say goodbye to the place where everything began, but … there was no room! That step allowed us to keep growing.
  • In August 2020 we overcame our biggest challenge so far. We’ll never forget when we were all in the workshop seeing how hundreds and hundreds of bags started their way to Galeries Lafayette. And those couriers (to whom we acclaimed while “We are the champions” was playing), not only took pallets full of bienhechas, but also that great challenge overcome thanks to an amazing teamwork and a miracle that has much to do with the fact that we’re still here, alive and kicking.
  • This year we’ve made a lot of improvements regarding quality. You know that we’re always working to make things better and better and learn from our mistakes. We’ve improved materials, designs, finishing… Everything to make you enjoy your bienhechas more and better. And…watch out! Because we’re going to keep improving ;) 
  • Last summer we also recorded our first Fashion film. That was amazing! We know that we always say the same thing but… we never get tired of it <3 It was a wonderful experience shared with a great team. We’ll be eternally grateful. 
  • This last year we’ve also found a great way to make the most of aaaaaall our material and… We launched our earrings collection! It was an intense and beautiful work, we enjoyed a lot by designing them, naming then and, above all, by receiving your great feedback!  
  • During these last months, the team of Labienhecha has kept growing. It’s not always easy, but we’re very proud of being able to keep and still providing local employment and growing our family. We’re stronger together :)
  • This 8M we wanted to make something that really had a positive impact and allowed us to do our bit. And, with your help, we collected 2000€ for the NGO Women Link’s Worldwide. We made something big together! 
  • Look mom, we're in Vogue! We still can’t believe it. It was one of those moment we couldn’t assimilate. The truth is that we took some time to realize how amazing it was… But yes!, Labienhecha in Vogue! We could never imagine it…
  • During this last year we’ve kept racking our brain to give you more options so you can turn your bienhechas into something unique, and that’s how our new customization with initials was born. We just can’t stop creating, you’ll see that...  ;)
  • We’ve collaborated with Moderna de Pueblo! Omg, we’re still excited. We still remember our faces when we first read her message. We couldn’t believe it! It was an amazing experience that we’ll never forget and that you remember HERE <3
  • Not only our team has grown, but also this wonderful community we’re creating day by day… And we reached 30K on Instagram! It seems like yesterday when we posted our first posts and shared your first pics wearing your bienhechas… Oh!
  • And finally… Just a couple of days ago, Labienhecha was one of the 5 finalists for Andalucía Emprende awards and, if it that wasn’t enough, we won the audience vote with 87%! We got goosebumps and our heart was full of love thanks to you.


We could also remember all the bad things that have happened this last year, all the obstacles, the fears, the uncertainty, the tears, the headaches, the eternal work hours… Because you also know that we’re always honest and tell you the best and the worst part.

But… you know what? That all those things we’ve just mentioned show that we just can be grateful and feel lucky for being here, living wonderful experience that make our hard work worth it.

And today is our birthday, today we want to celebrate all the good things, today we wish ourselves a happy birthday and we also THANK YOU. Because if we’re lucky to have the opportunity of living all those things, it’s thanks to you and your support.  

That’s why, we want to make you a great gift: you have 20% OFF in the whole e-shop with the code FELIZCUMPLE until June 23rd at 23:59h <3 Your orders will be shipped from 24th, because we’re celebrating today!

Long life to Labienhecha! Having you always with us :) 

Thanks a million for everything, from our heart 



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  • Raquel Medina

    Hola, Bienhechas!
    Un post precioso, como todo lo que hacéis. Os conocí hace más de un año y desde el primer momento ya os convertisteis en una de mis marcas preferidas. De hecho, fue mi primera compra de una empresa q conocí a través de instagram! Me encanta vuestra historia, la filosofía de lucha y sostenibilidad que hay detrás de todo lo que hacéis, y me encanta enterarme de todo lo que os pasa. Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo ¡y por muchas bienhechas más!

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