Today is International Mother Earth Day and we’re also celebrating Fashion Revolution Week, what means that we have two (more) reasons to think about consequences of fashion industry.

We know it’s one of the most polluting industries of the world, and it’s also one of the most world’s problem ones regarding inequalities.

But then, why are we choosing to live off it?

We’ve wonder about it sometimes and the answer it’s what always encourage us to move forward: because just where the problem rises, there’s the answer and, in our case, we saw it clearly.

We strongly believe that sustainability is not an option, but it’s the only way. That’s why, since our first sewing at Labienhecha we decided that decent job was the first premise to build a responsible fashion brand. That means that for us, it’s more important that people who are in this project have a decent salary and a healthy worktime than have huge profit margins.

For this reason, we also believe that it’s important to understand and defend real prices. On the one hand, for people who work making these products can have a decent salary and, on the other hand, to avoid that garments and accessories become disposable goods. Of course, it’s essential for this to bet on quality, as sustainable as possible and always certified materials.

In this sense, we’ve always wanted to go beyond and don’t settle for just working with a quality material, but we also demanded that it was recycled. This way, we manage to reuse a waste that, in case of being directly destroy, it would cause a huge amount of pollutant emissions. And it’s in this kind of actions where we see how we can reverse a destructive process for environment and turn it into something helpful.

If production’s materials are highly important, also are production’s model. That’s why we think that craft processes not only protect many jobs, but they also reduce to the minimum the environment impact in workshops and factories.

In short, we’re sure that the only way to save the planet is through business models that bet on a circular economy. Brands that create from recycling, the use of sustainable materials, responsible production processes and keeping the philosophy of consuming just what’s really necessary.

Does it mean that we make everything in a perfect way?

No, unfortunately we still have to take some steps to turn this project in what we’ve always dreamed about it. But we can tell you that we give everything to improve every day and we won’t stop until Labienhecha become the mirror in which big fashion brand want to be reflected. (Yes, we know… we’re dreaming big, but dreaming is free :)

What can you do to join the sustainable change?

In our opinion, there’s some steps that will help you to join this change:

  • Consume local products, this way you’ll avoid pollution caused in large movements and you’ll also contribute to the wealth of your territory.
  • Wonder yourself who made your product. The job conditions of that person and if they’re faire.
  • Mistrust “too” cheap prices. If you pay so little for the product, imagine how much the person who made it have been paid.
  • Bet on ecological and sustainable materials. We only have one planet, and we have the power to take care of it.
  • Before buying anything, think about if you really need it or if it’s going to add some value. Mindless consumption only causes wastes. If you buy, do it consciously.
  • When you have to choose between one brand or another, wonder yourself about what’s behind it, what are its production models and the consequences that causes over society and environment.

P.S.: 🙏🏼 We wish every sister in any workshop in the world will have a decent job soon. We can make it together for them. And we can fight for them during #fashionrevolutionweek and ALWAYS 🙏🏼

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