And in a grand way... an opening that has left us with goosebumps and that we are still struggling to process!

Less than a year ago, we opened a store in Madrid, and... who would have thought that Labienhecha would also conquer Barcelona in just a few months? On Friday, we experienced an inauguration full of emotion, with feelings running high throughout the whole afternoon (and the whole night).

Someone please pinch us!

We were fortunate to share this experience with many Bienhechxs who offered us their unconditional support and affection in this new step. Want to see the evidence? Here are some fantastic photos from that special day.

Vista de la tienda desde la calle

chica mirando bolso del escaparate

Here's a Labienhecha team member who travelled all the way from Málaga to not miss this moment. The unconditional ones who are with us through thick and thin ❤️

La fundadora, Irene, y la store manager María sujetando una bolsa de Labienhecha

Irene y dos bienhechas ayudando a una clienta con un bolso

Una chica colocando las copas y echando vino

How excited we were to put faces to many of you!

Irene, la fundadora, hablando con clientes

Retrato de dos señoras

Chica mirando bolsos a través del cristal del esparate


Both our softies and our original well-done bags made of recycled leather were a huge success... 


Madre e hija mirando un bolso

Primer plano de uno de los bosos, Angelines

Special mention to Nicko Baills, who was behind the camera all night capturing these beautiful moments.

Mano echando vino en unas copas

Dedo señalando el logo de Labienhecha en uno de los bolsos

Escaparate de la tienda


And, of course, a million thanks to all the Bienhechxs who gave us their unconditional support and affection in this new step: to those we could hug in person and to those who always support us from a distance. We owe you everything! ❤️

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