¬°CUMPLIMOS 4 A√ĎOS! - Labienhecha


Oh my God! Labienhecha is 4 years old and...who would imagine that?

Honestly...it's been 4 years that seem 4 lives...but...I would do it again and again and again.

Labienhecha is being the most difficult project I (we) have ever faced...

I think it got me the worst time ever, but...also the best ones, that's for sure.

It's like "being is heaven and in hell at the same time", hehe.

It's so wonderful to see how the project grows with the people who make it up and with all the lessons we learn, each one of us in our own way.

Obviously, if I look back, I would make many things in a different way (I made great mistakes...).

But I know that Labienhecha is the way it is now because of that. And so I am.

In any case, we have a lot of things to celebrate...

We got over the pandemic, we got over a stop that almost made us close forever, we've worked so hard to improve our products, we've managed to open two physical stores, we've doubled our team, we've launched a vegan collection that has been our greatest success so far, we've improved our processes, we've moved from a new workshop and office we love and...many other things!

Maybe I shouldn't say that, but I'm going to do it: hurray for all of us!

I would just ask to Labienhecha's future that we can keep standing for our values over all...and that we can keep showing that there's a different way to make things.

We'll make thousand more mistakes...

We'll cry and laugh...

Good and bag things will come, but they will also go away...

And, come what may, we'll be here waiting for the future with open arms.


Thanks you for these 4 magical years ūüíô




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