This was the store opening in Madrid

We lived a tremendous experience in the opening of our store in Madrid. We will never forget it!

We still look at each other and we can't believe what happened that day, all the love we received and the good vibes we all felt. 

It was amazing to be able to share with so many bienehcha people this great moment when we laughed, we got thrilled, we toasted and we danced until the end. Here you can see (almost) thousand pictures of such a wonderful day.

Here you can see some of Labienhecha's team who went to Madrid. An amazing team of bienhecha that is always there, in good and bad times giving their best. 

Gracias infinitas a Gloria del Estudio de Interiores Mikamoka, una bienhecha de pies a cabeza, por el proyectazo que nos ha hecho para la tienda. No hizo falta decirle nada para que supiese qué era lo que necesitábamos. ¡No nos puede encantar más!

What about this red corner? We loved it since the very first moment, but it drove you crazy and starred the night when it became the official photocall.


Thanks a million to LapiliSany Delitos and their great teams, for being so bienhechas and made us to enjoy the way they did it. We hope we'll see you soon again!

Oh! Our Ire launched the Softies and Vegan bags, the new collection, and once again they RUN OUT.

Special mention to our Panamá, who joins us in every adventure of Labienhecha, and who took every moment of the night with her wonderful eyes behind the camera.

 Thanks so much to all the bienhechas who were there with us, and to all of you who also sent so much love and energy ❤️


  • Rosa Plaza

    Enhorabuena!!! La tienda esta decorada con mucho gusto y el producto esta garantizado, solamente me queda por decir que deseo que la proxima sea en Barcelona y yo seré una clienta incondicional me encanta vuestro proyecto y las ganas que le poneis a todo.

  • Merce Roca

    Muchas Felicidades.
    Vivo en Barcelona, y el viernes no llegué a tiempo para la inauguración.
    Os visité el sábado, me encantó la tienda, y me llevé un blandito celeste como recuerdo…
    Os auguro mucho éxito.
    Deseando ya que abráis en Barcelona!

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