8M 💜 NADA QUE CELEBRAR... - Labienhecha


No, Bienhechx...

This 8M at Labienhecha you won’t find any promo, any discount, any special product made for Women's Day.

Honestly, we don’t think there’s
 much to celebrate...

(or rather NOTHING)

What you will find
 at Labienhecha this 8M are
 the same women who just like you
 keep fighting everyday
 to make the change happen. (24/7 --> 365)

And if that's you...

Today we need to THANK YOU.

To thank you
for your efforts,
for your dedication,
for your sacrifice
and for your persevering struggle.

And we also have to thank to all those mentor women who have led the way throughout story to make things easier for us today.

And to all those women who remain a daily inspiration for us.

Let's remember that...

...we need to stay TOGETHER and keep sorority on top to achieve great changes that give us a reason to celebrate.

Big hug for you 💜


P.D. Tomorrow we don't work at Labienhecha. See you in the streets! 🤗


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