We all know that fashion is another way of expression, the garments you wear show a little (or a lot) your personality, your mood or your commitment. This one is directly linked with the brands you choose to consume.

We start from the basis of raising awareness among our customers (and the whole world) that sustainability in the only way to take care of our planet.

Also, we're sure than making a responsible consumption will not only make you feel better in the outside, but also in the inside. Because once you decide to do your bit to change the world, you want to make it stronger.

And we aim to that, to change the world and show that there's another way of doing things. That's why we tell you in a completely transparent way which are our mission, vision and principles; so you can understand our point of view.

Everyone in Labienhecha team makes her best to be better every day. And if you still wonder about what "being a bienhecha" is, we're glad to tell you:

We are bienhechas

This project is run by very well-made women and we make everything (everything!) ourselves: from the design of each bag to the finishing of the last thread, without forgetting direction, management, marketing, commercialization, our website...Everything! And yes, the truth is that we say it proudly: we're a super team of women you love what they do and you put all their care in giving the best of theirselves. 'Do it with passion or not at all' could be our motto, but we liked more "We don't make perfect things, we just make well-made things" ;)

Our production is bienhecha

We have not been to China or to Bangladesh, because we believe that there is another way to make things here, in our land. But not only this! We make everything ourselves in our own workshop in Málaga, with local providers and carrying the KM0 philosophy.

Our material is bienhecho

Our bags are made of eco-cuero reciclado, a very long-lasting, easy to care recycled material and a quality sustainable option that enjoys Global Recycled Standard and Oeko Tex Leather Standard certifications.

At Labienhecha we don't use plastic polluting plastics neither oil derivatives and we try to improve every day in our environmental policies. ¡Pronto incorporaremos más materiales sostenibles a la familia! No te los pierdas :)

Our bags are bienhechos

Our priority is giving you a sustainable and quality product so beautiful that you want to wear it everyday. We're sure that if you see any of our bags you'll feel love at first sight.

That's why, our dear one we want to encourage to join this side of fashion where everything is nicer and greener. Because every action counts and because we need you on our side <3

With love,

All the team of bienhechas.

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  • Delia

    ¡Gran post! La industria de la moda es responsable del 20% del desperdicio de agua y del 8% de los gases de efecto invernadero… Ahora es más importante que nunca acudir a tiendas de moda ecológica y sostenible como Cuida tu piel y tu planeta.

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