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Xmas is here! We are so busy because of trips, markets, shops and orders, but we are so excited. It’s the first Christmas of Labienhecha after all! <3

Yesterday we reached 6 months since this day of San Juan when we went out to the street with the first prototypes of our Úrsula, Pepa, Sofía, Lola, Toño… Since then, there are thousand of bienhechas walking around and many of you have trusted on us. We’ve lived so many things in no time!

We have made wrong choices in these months, but we have also enjoyed good moments. We are working so hard… sometimes it’s exhausting and it harder than it seems, but, at the end, we look at each other and we know that this epic journey is worth.

The best part of all of that? We have created a big family full of wonderful people. Since the bienhechas who made this team (bravo!) to all the bienhechxs that surround us, support us and put up with us. Family, friends, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, team mates… Thank you ALL for making our life easier.

Thanks mainly to our customers. From there and from there. Every time you take a bienhecha, our heart explode of love.

We hope we will keep learning, making our dreams come true and enjoying this amazing adventure. That would be our best gift.

We wish you all wonderful days, full of love and happiness.

Merry Xmas from all the bienhechas <3

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