We find it hard to believe that all this time has passed. It still seems like yesterday when we took our first bienhechas and, with more shame that anything else, we stood up in Muelle Uno on June 23rd to “see how it goes".

The state of our project at that time was quite complicated. We were about to close the workshop and throw in the towel and then...magic happened! The last thing we could imagine was that we would go back home without any bag left on our hands and our chests filled with emotion.

Since that day we have lived with the desire to continue taking Labienhecha to thousands of places, to get closer to you, to show you everything there is behind a project that, if there is something it has plenty, is heart.

In a way, the courage we showed on that day has led us to be here today, celebrating our first anniversary. We have been through thousands of situations in these twelve months, good and bad, but we are tremendously proud of our mistakes and successes.

What happened that 23rd June also allowed us to expand our team little by little. We know that we are always talking about it and we may get a bit boring, but ... we do have an incredible team!

Today is our day, girls! Thank you all for being such bienhechas and better people every day <3 

Labienhecha has always wanted to reach out and represent all kinds of women, and that is also reflected in our team. We are all very different and that enhances us every day. Maybe one day we'll set up a camera in Labienhecha so that you can understand what we're talking about. Of course, you would laugh a lot.

The truth is that we have been through many situations since then (including a pandemic), and here is a summary of these twelve months:

  • June: We went out to the street and we presented our bienhechas. The result couldn't be better, you loved them all! And that gave us all the strength in the world to continue betting on this project.
  • July: Labienhecha's team starts to grow. The workshop fills up with bienhechas, in every way. Since then, we have been creating a team, almost a family, of which we cannot be more proud and that, in good and bad times, takes guts and gives absolutely everything they have.
  • August: A summer in between markets. Oh, how many tours we've taken. All the running and all the hours of sunshine were worth it for the support we received and for all the bienhechas who ended up all over the world.
  • September: It's time to assimilate the welcome that Labienhecha has had, make decisions and restructure everything. The summer campaign was coming to an end, but we knew that Labienhecha had to stay on the sidelines, that it had (and still has) a lot to offer.
  • October: We face one of the biggest difficulties: money. As you know, we like to share with you the best and the worst of this adventure, and although we are aware of how lucky we are, sometimes things are not as easy as they seem. The most important thing? We are here thanks to our efforts and, above all, your support.
  • November: Not all projects go well, and we get some disappointment. We put a lot of energy and illusion to continue expanding our presence, but in this case luck was not on our side. 

  • December: We open a shared space with our Súper Ocho family, and many bienhechas leave our workshop to end up under your trees! We worked day and night during the Christmas campaign, but is hard to explain the satisfaction we felt every time you trusted us for your gifts or received your Christmas gifts <3
  • January: We open Labienhecha of the City Center. Oh, how much fun we had at the opening and how many tears of emotion! Opening that space meant for us to see all our work rewarded. We felt that, finally, we could open the doors of our house more than ever.
  • February: Little by little we adapt to the runs between the shop and the workshop. It is never easy to change the schemes, to separate the work teams, but it seemed that, although we still had a lot to do, everything was stabilizing
  • March: Until the Covid-19 arrived to break our plans. It wasn't easy to make the decision to stop in the middle, but we knew it was the right thing to do. The hit was hard, as it was for everyone. It's not easy for a small project to survive a situation like that, and the consequences will take time to fade, but what we are sure of is that we are ready to keep fighting.
  • April: Confined and eternally grateful for your support. If there is one positive thing we can extract from all this, it is that this forced "stop" helped us to think, to tie up many things that the madness of the day to day did not allow us to analyze and to learn to give importance to what is really important.
  • May: Thousands of decisions to make and lots of orders to prepare (THANK YOU). We spent many hours in the workshop, but we can assure you that every bienhecha we did and every order we prepared carried a feeling of infinite gratitude and hope.
  • June: A new era begins. We move from our home in El Palo to continue growing. One more proof that we are not willing to let anything stop us, that Labienhecha wants to keep going and wants to keep improving with and for you.

And in all this time, we have not missed one fundamental thing in all this story... your support. It's impossible not to THANK YOU. We know that we have to improve in many things and in many aspects, and having you on the other side motivates us to continue doing so. As a thank you, today you can enjoy a 30% discount on the entire website using the code ANNIVERSARY : )

We don't know what is to come, but we feel strong, we have hope and we won't stop giving our best so that we can continue to celebrate Labienhecha's anniversary year after year.


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