We're celebrating! Because we couldn't be any happier to shout to the world that LABIENHECHA FLOWERS AGAIN! 💐

We're back so excited and thrilled... And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than paying tribute to those who were our inspiration source during our stop: our mothers and grandmothers💜

They taught us to not give up and find solutions everywhere. Without them, Labienhecha wouldn’t have come this far...

Neither would do it without all the love we’ve received in the last months.

For that reason and to thank you for your support, you can enjoy UP TO 33% OFF in our usual collection. (Up to May 1st).


Labienhecha is back, yes.

But we have to do it stronger than ever… And now we have to retake everything and learn from our mistakes...

We’ll need to make more mature decisions so Labienhecha won’t be in danger ever again.

And the first one has been to rise our prices.

Some bienhechas have risen a 23% and others a 33%.

You know that if we do that, it’s because we have to. Everything has risen so much for us and it’s not possible to produce in a sustainable way without raising our prices.

That's why, we’ve activated two discount codes so you can buy with our usual prices up to May 1st:

- CELEBRANDO33: with un 33% off in Paquita, Paca, Pepa, Sofías, Josefa, Ramona, Hortensia y extras.

- CELEBRANDO23: with un 23% de off in Carmelita, Carmela, Carmen, Amparito, Encarnita, Lola, Jacinta y Úrsula.

Also, exceptionally, you can combine both codes in your cart 🤗

You can see the whole available selection HERE

We send you a big hug full of hope! 

P.S. Use the codes CELEBRANDO23 and CELEBRANDO33 in your cart 

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