The year is ending, and we are sure that we are all reviewing our year and establishing new purposes for 2020 (or the old ones that we've never achieved!). For us, it has been a very crazy year, full of work and effort, of comings and goings between sales points and the workshop, of mistakes and even some deceptions, but this 2019 algo has brought to us a bunch of happiness. That's why we want to close the year by focusing on all the good things that came to us and sharing with you 12 amazing things that have happened to us during this time.

12 amazing thing to close this 2019: 

1. Labienhecha arise in an almost spontaneous way. The concept, the first patterns, the first bienhechas... Without realizing, we began this amazing adventure, and everything started to take shape.

2. Back in June, things were not going according to plan. As a last ditch attempt, Labienhecha went outside to the streets and something amazing happened: the acceptance that it had left us speachless. To us, that is where it really started. That is why, for us, June 23rd is so special to us. 

3. We took courage and went out stronger to different points of Andalusia, going from market to market took us a lot of work but also a lot of joy!

4. We came across wonderful projects and people, we had the chance to collaborate with a lot of different companies, brands and projects. We take this opportunity to thank  brands like Deedivine and shops like El Antiguo Iriarte. Thank you for blindly give us your trust.

5. We have to make a special mention to our collaboration with A21. It made us very happy to play our small and humble part in such an important work. We hope there will be many more like this one in the future.

6. New bienhechas have joined this adventure, and we hope it continues!

7. After making you wait, we launched our online shop! And we can not thank you enough for your support (and for all the orders).

8. We expanded our presence in markets and shops in Málaga and Andalusia. Thanks to our new distribution, you will find us on the north of Spain and Madrid.

9. The coincidences of life made us meet our fellow of Superocho and they made us a wonderful spot on their shop

10. We started traveling more kilometers and, with some fear, a lot of respect and also a lot of enthusiasm, we launched ourselves in Madrid! In a short time, we have been fortunate enough to attend the Mercado de Diseño twice.

11.You have made us very happy with your support and your trust. You, our clients, have been our greatest gift. Christmas has put many bienhechas under the tree.

12. The best is yet to come...We have a surprise to start the year. We will tell you something very special in the coming days.

The Labienhecha family is already a big family. Today we are not only those who run from one place to another, but there are all who support us in this great dream. From our collaborators, suppliers, partners, distributors, stores, external equipment, to our friends, our partners, our pets and our families. But, above all, we want to thank you, our bienhechxs, for all the support, love, interest, and even criticism! (The constructive kind, of course ...). Without you, this adventure that a few women started in a small workshop would not be possible. 

We wish you a happy year filled with wonderful experiences and "bienhechas" things.

Happy new year from all of our family!

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