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    Some frequently asked questions

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping is FREE throughout the EU until we change the policy at the beginning of February.

    For all other countries, you can enter your address in the checkout process and you will see the shipping cost calculation.

    It's very fast! If you choose free shipping, you will receive your order within 3-5 working days after we process your order.

    If you're in a hurry, you can choose EXPRESS DELIVERY when finishing the order and you'll receive it within 24-48h (it would depend on the hour you place your order).

    IIMPORTANT:  what is purchased through the PRE-ORDER system always has the shipping date reflected in the checkout button. You will see this: BUY (SHIPPING DAY/MONTH).

    Yes, of course! You can return your order, exchange it for another product, exchange it for a gift card or ask for a full refund.

    If you are in the EU it's FREE (until we change the policy).

    If you choose a refund, as soon as we receive the package in our workshop, we will proceed with the full refund.

    You will receive the amount in the same way you made your purchase within 14 days maximum.

    At the moment we are offering free shipping in Spain and Europe, but at the beginning of February we will change the policy and shipping and returns will not be free.

    But, until then, take advantage because you also have FREE returns for 30 days.

    Yes, you can split your payment into 3 instalments at no cost to you with Klarna - it's easy and 100% safe!

    You will find the option on the payment screen.

    *Subject to Klarna's approval - the process is very quick. Just choose the option, enter your details and Klarna instantly confirms if you can pay in instalments. If yes, it takes no time at all to complete!

    No, they have no expiry date (as long as we are alive, hehe).

    Our silicone, canvas and organic cottons are 100% vegan. Our recycled leather is of animal origin. It is a material that gives a second chance to the leather waste that our supplier regenerates into a new top fabric.

    We work with a national recycled leather supplier and we have a reliable relationship with the factory.

    It's a material that comes from genuine cow leather and we've been working with ir for more than 5 years (even before starting our brand) and it enjoys several international certifications such as GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD and OEKO TEX LEATHER STANDARD.

    No! Our recycled leather comes from all the cowhide scrap that will no longer be used or burned. That's why we are giving it a second chance and using a resource that, if not used, would be disposed of in a very polluting way.

    Yes! "The Softies" collection is made of 100% vegan materials: both our silicone biomaterial we use to make the outside and the organic cotton canvas for the inside are 100% vegan.

    No! At Labienhecha we hate plastic.

    Our biomaterial is not derived from petroleum. It is free of PV, PU, solvents, etc.

    Silicone is a super strong, durable, recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly material derived from silica.

    Recycled leather is a very resistant material, easy to clean and much more durable than leather. You won't have any problems with rain and it won't scratch excessively.

    Taking care of silicone is the easiest thing in the world because it hardly needs any care.

    No scratches, no stains, no wetness, no discolouration, no dramas.

    You can clean them with a cloth with water or soap. Even the most radical stains such as pen, make-up, wine, etc.