Our workshop is already working and we have also got back to normal regarding shipments.  

We are still working on some customized bienhechas to catch up on all the orders received during confinement. 

Orders received since now can still suffer delays, specially customized ones. If you want, you can reach us out so we can tell you a guaranteed delivery date. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience, your comprehension and your support. 



Once known the new measures, it seems that we start to see some light. For our part, we’re already considering all the options to reinstate our team and reactivate the workshop and shipments.

As you know, our workshop is small and artisanal. We’re 8 in total and we need to take all the measures to guarantee security in the work area.

We want to start shipping your bienhechas as soon as possible, but we still don’t want to put anybody at risk.

We’ll try to find solutions as soon as possible, but it seems that we could be ready (and safe) to ship in order of arrival by 11th (as maximum date). (Customized orders need our handling, so we’ll try to reactivate the workshop as soon as possible to be able to work on all of them).

This is hard for everybody. Hard times are coming… We don’t know how we’ll be able to sustain the project or if we’ll be able to face this “new normality”, but we’re going to fight hard to get it off the ground.

We extremely appreciate your patience, support and comprehension. And we also appreciate all those orders you’ve been placing, because even if they don’t solve our current problem, they’ve kept us strong and hopeful at the other side.

T H A N K  Y O U, from our heart.



How the online store will work during the quarantine for COVID-19?:

  • Buy online and receive it later. It's the best for everyone. Think about it.
  • 25% off with the code DELAYEDDELIVERY for the whole collection and Labienhecha Market and you will receive your order after Covid-19 nightmare. This is a discount that we offer as a way of thank you for your responsibility and your empathy with our decision to temporarily close.
  • This shipments will be delivered as soon as the situation doesn’t imply any risk for any bienhecha or for any worker like our delivery people. Don't worry, we are committed to refund your order if the situation goes on more than expected.
  • Gift!: We will include a Trini or a Rita as a gift in which we will stamp the date in which we will get back to normal. Everyone will remember this day forever. A date that will symbolize a victory of all and for all.
  • Free shipping over 69€ in Spain. 119€ in Europe.
  • We have also turned on Labienhecha Market with some bienhechas that were saved for March and April markets that have been canceled. Very limited units…
  • Pre-order: everything out of stock, customizations, painted edges, stamps and other things that require us to be in the workshop: you can enjoy the offer, but they will be prepared in date order as soon as we get back to normal.

Please note: Are we shipping during the quarantine?

No, because of our philosophy and corporate responsibility, we have decided not to make shipments during quarantine. We prefer not to ship anything in order to avoid transmission or propagation of the virus.