<b>DISEÑAMOS JUNTAS LA NUEVA COLECCIÓN (I)</b> <br>14 FEBRERO 23, 19h</br> - Labienhecha

FEBRUARY 14th, 19h

In "The Coterie" we do a group meeting (online and live) where we'll develop the concept for the next collection al Labienhecha.

We'll all together make decisions about:

  • New materials: we'll introduce the new materials that, by the way, YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE. We'll tell you a little bit about them and we'll decide together the new materials that will join the family.
  • Designs: You'll know the designs we're working on for the first time! And together we'll finish the prototypes of the new collection designs.
  • Colors: We'll choose the colors for your bienhechas this next season —just in case there's time enough, because you know that hours just fly—

Oh! And we always have some surprises...Nobody leaves a Coterie in Labienhecha with empty hands... (someone has to test the new bags for a final approval, right? :)

*In the next Coterie, we'll make decision about the new collection together. Among others, we'll choose the names and we'll talk about the promotional campaign and some interesting things facing the launch.


By a live online session where all of us will take part.


The next February 14th 2023 at 19h. 

→ HOW?

A few minutes before we start, you'll privately receive link to get access to the online session.

* This event is just for the members of The Club: Labienhecha is all of us.


"The Coterie" are private meetings where you'll be able to discuss and vote important decisions at Labienhecha like the name of the new bienhechas, new designs, new materials, new colors... and many more things!

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