We're on the red carpet! After introducing you the newest member of the Bienhechas's family, we have what is for us the most emotional of all premieres: Labienhecha’s first fashion film directed by María Nieto.

And it’s very emotional to us because we didn’t have any clue of what it feels to read the name of your project on a clapperboard or how it feels to see a whole team giving their very best to have a great product on screen.

When María Nieto reached us out and told us her idea, it was very motivating and a huge burst to us. The thing is that, in spite of the burst, we didn’t imagine that the process would be so nice, so rewarding and so full of beautiful things. What we didn’t knew either was that the final cut would give us goosebumps and filled our eyes with tears.

From her original idea, from her beautiful way of making things and from the great involvement of her team that is the best you can find, this piece is born. Something that, for us, is the perfect ending of a transition moment we’re going through (we’ll talk about this in another post).

María achieved to show who we are, what we do, what we want to transmit and what we want for our (and your) future. She shows all those values that we have been working on since the beginning. She shows all our principles and strengthen who we are. This is important to us…and it gets us very emotional to know that there are people that, like María, understands and appreciates what we are doing. This is the best gift we can receive <3

Producing locally, using sustainable materials, generating local (and proper) jobs, focused on the planet and the sustainable balance, encouraging the role of women in entrepreneurship and life, in general…all of that is shown, very exquisitely, in the fantastic piece that we share filled with illusion.

Behind this there is A LOT OF WORK and EFFORT. We need, from our heart, to thank María Nieto for choosing us; for making her magic after, during and before; to make things so easy to us; for her implication in our project; for her fantastic way of working and, in conclusion, for being so well-made. It has been a honor and we wish to make more things together in the future.

Thanks also to Nico and Ianire, the super team behind Islada Cinematographyfor existing and being there. It was great to work with you during the shooting and, in the end, for becoming part of the family. For many more shootings to come <3

Thanks to Ana Gámiz, from La Hacedora, because of that savoir-faire, that predisposition and that spirit during pre-production and during the shooting invites us to work with her millions of times :)

Thank to Alejandro Lévar, for finding time for Labienhecha between super remixes and that fantastic things he does…

Thanks to Cristina for being so, so nice and well-made. What a fantastic piece of art, tree and everything :)

Thank to Agueda, to whom we already knew, but that this time was very cool to us; to Luisa, because she’s great and it’s nice to work with her, even though we can’t tag her on Instagram; to Iñaki, that worked a lot…and he’s the best; to Marina and Ana Beatriz, that gave us goosebumps with their photos… and to the team of Enlagloria for contributing.

Infinite thanks to Melarise. Her voice was the cherry on top to make us burst into tears.

Finally, very very special thanks to Carmen, Judith, Lucía and Cristina for joining us. We are in love with you. You are amazing.

We feel very grateful and thankful. Thanks to all the teams for this gift. And thanks to those who are on the other side, to those who read us, to those who choose us, you are the key of everything.

We really hope this likes us as much as we do <3

You can watch it here:


Fashion film LABIENHECHA from María Nieto on Vimeo.



Original idea and direction: María Nieto
Photography direction and Gradding: ISLADA
Production direction: Ana Gámiz
Sound design and original soundtrack: Alejandro Lévar
Off voice: Melarise
Art direction: Cristina Santa-Cruz
Muah: Águeda López
Clothing: Irene Hernández
Direction assistant: Luisa Martín
Electrician: Iñaki Gijón
Still photography: Marina M Luna
Making of: Ana Beatriz Acosta
Production assistants: Marta Gámez MárquezBelia García OrtegaEnlagloria
Suppliers: Objetivo 50 and Islada Cinematography
They: Judith NaessLucía ClewsTina SánchezCarmen Fernández




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