Yes, we turn 3…and…who could imagine it! 🎂

Because we barely survived this last year! 😅

First we found out that we were not profitable, then we found out losses, then we had to face a looooong stop, an endless search for funding and many other things that... aw! It's a lot for 1 year and luckily we've not got mad.

To be honest, it's been too intense... and we still can't believe that we're here to tell it and celebrate.


It would have been easier to give up... but we didn't! And today, we can celebrate it as the best decision ever.

Because... Can you imagine how much we've learnt?

In the end, that's our gift.

More than our gift. Our HUGE GIFT.

Because we swear that we don't need anything else than the hope to keep moving forward, working on this project, bringing it to life, getting better day by day and learning from our experiences.

When we take stock, it's obvious that this last year we've seen a lot of closed doors, comedowns, tiers, disappointments, uncertainty, fears and endless things that we'll keep as a life lesson.

But we don't hold all of that…

We hold happy times, hugs, successes, good decisions, unconditional support, love messages, all the windows we've opened, the big door to the future that we managed to build (and open) thanks to our community and the list of all the wonderful things we have in mind to cheer next year up.


We also hold the fact that values can always be in the first place. And we've proved it, in spite of walking on thin ice for a lot of months and have had fast but not ethical options.

We're very proud to keep being who we are
, to keep proving that there's another way to do things, to empower women and ethical entrepreneurship, to support sustainability and a real made in Spain, to create such beautiful synergies, to keep generating local employment, to boost local economy and so many other things that we're reaching, even if it's so hard.

In the end…it was something we promised the first day and we'll keep complying with it. Year by year and we wish decade by decade too.

There's no greatest gift for us than that.

And given that we don't need anything else... we've decided that this year, the gift is from us to you.

Because there's no doubt that this birthday is thanks to all the support we've received and we still receive from all the people who trust us.


So…today we're going to celebrate and as we can't toast with you, we give you a couple of great gifts:



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with the code FELIZ3CUMPLE 🎂


🎂 A GIFT (Valued at 30€ or more!)

if you don't use any code 🎂

Not that bad! (And you have time up to 23.59h tonight)

Thank you, from our heart.

Long life to Labienhecha! For many happy years to come!

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