Is it of good quality? Where does it come from? Is it easy to clean? What is the difference with original leather? These are some of the questions that you make us about the main material we use at Labienhecha: recycled leather.

On our website you can find everything about it (and we are always willing to solve any additional doubt you have!), but today we want to focus and summarize some positive aspects of this material.


1. It’s a long-lasting material and if you treat it with a little bit of care and follow some basic tips (here you can read some of them), your recycled leather goods can last ages.

2. It’s easy to take care of. Unlike original skin, it doesn’t require specific or daily care. In most cases, a damp cloth will be enough to get rid of those frightening stains or the dirt of daily use, even in the lightest colors. Moreover, it’s not affected by factors such as rain or sun.

3. Due to the process and machinery used to get it — the same as in genuine leather — has the appearance, feel and scent of genuine leather.

4. It can be used in the production of a large range of products. At Labienhecha we are already plotting some things… Everything that can be produced using recycled materials... is welcome here!

5. It DOESN’T have any plastic or oil derivative. The bovine fibers used in its production are combined solely and exclusively with natural latex, that comes from rubber tree sap.

6. It’s less expensive than genuine leather and, at the same time, it allows us to still have a quality product. At Labienhecha we are very happy with the results, although we are always testing and looking for improvements of all kinds, both in our materials and in the final product.

7. It’s a flexible material. If you already have a bienhecha, you will have already noticed that its shape transforms and becomes more flexible with time. And even if, for example the strap bends a little because it has spent several days in the same position, it returns to its original position!

8. It weights nothing! It’s lighter than original leather. Our Oris
is the best example ;)

9. It allows us to minimize the waste of material in its production, as the final result of the manufacturing process of the recycled leather is a flawless sheet of material.

10. And more importantly: it’s a sustainable option. By recovering bovine fibers from leather that is used to produce recycled leather, we contribute to avoid a very polluting process such as the burning of these wastes. Besides, giving life and reused what already exists, is always a sustainable option.

For these, and many other reasons, we work with recycled leather. It allows us to make use of a sustainable alternative to oil-based materials and it’s also certified to the Oeko Tex Leather Standard and Global Recycled Standard which verifies, among other things, the control of harmful substances in its production.

In addition of a lot of love in our bienhechas, we also put a lot of effort in looking for materials that go on the same path with our philosophy.

We hope to have solved some of your doubts and, if you have any left unsolved, you can always find us here to listen and help you :)

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