It’s been a hard decision to make, but we think that keeping our activity makes no sense.

We strongly believe that human is beyond commercial; that the team is beyond the company and, the most important thing, HEALTH FIRST. Therefore, Labienhecha closes until further notice.

The decision of closing the store, taken before the State of Alarm was declared, was hard, but we still saw some light imagining a scenario where our workshop and our online store would keep working as usual.

Then, the Decree arrived and, according to the list of activities forced to closure, our workshop and our online store should remain open, because according to them, out health and our safety is not at stake (like the rest of the workers that today, Monday, have gone to work).

So, we considered the option of going on with the production because we all thought that we could take the appropriate preventive measures and use the adecuate individual protection equipment to keep developing our functions. But, to us, this is INCOHERENT AND IMMORAL.

If we are not supposed to go out, if there’s risk of propagation and contact, if we are able to see our family, friends, partners, lovers, if we have to take so much care, how is it possible that we are not taking chances being at least 6-8 bienhechas in a workshop?

Doctors are crying us out to stay at home.

We are afraid. But we are also conscious. And we are also responsible. So, Labienhecha closes and #westayathome.

How are we organizing?

  1. Our store and studio of the city center (Labienhecha of the city center) will remain close until there’s no risk.
  2. Starting today, we also close the workshop of Labienhecha, even if it’s not one of the activities that the decree forces to closure. We find very risky to keep producing an artisanal work that requires all of us to gather in the workshop. Yesterday, we all decided that the most prudent was to stay at home. So, Labienhecha of El Palo remains also close until further notice.
  3. We reduce our activity to what solely and exclusively can be done at home. Not even meetings between us. Everything will be telematics. Customer care and all those things that can be done trough the phone and computer will continue. You can find us in our usual hours ;)
  4. Thereby, we are giving up our salaries during the time that this situation goes on, because we can’t maintain a structure as our without production and if sales fall, but it’s important to us to take ethical decisions.
  5. Our online store will remain active and we will offer some promotions as gratitude for your comprehension and that can also help us in the terrible situation that is coming up.

How the online store will work during the quarantine for COVID-19? 

  • Buy online and receive it later. It's the best for everyone. Think about it.
  • 25% off with the code DELAYEDDELIVERY for the whole collection and Labienhecha Market and you will receive your order after Covid-19 nightmare. This is a discount that we offer as a way of thank you for your responsibility and your empathy with our decision to temporarily close.
  • This shipments will be delivered as soon as the situation doesn’t imply any risk for any bienhecha or for any worker like our delivery people. Don't worry, we are committed to refund your order if the situation goes on more than expected.
  • Gift!: We will include a Trini or a Rita as a gift in which we will stamp the date in which we will get back to normal. Everyone will remember this day forever. A date that will symbolize a victory of all and for all.
  • Free shipping over 69€ in Spain. 119€ in Europe.
  • We have also turned on Labienhecha Market with some bienhechas that were saved for March and April markets that have been canceled. Very limited units…
  • Pre-order: everything out of stock, customizations, painted edges, stamps and other things that require us to be in the workshop: you can enjoy the offer, but they will be prepared in date order as soon as we get back to normal.

Please note: Are we shipping during the quarantine?

No, because of our philosophy and corporate responsibility, we have decided not to make shipments during quarantine. We prefer not to ship anything in order to avoid transmission or propagation of the virus.

Please, we ask you for a little help and support. Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay together and give love to each other.

Everything is very complicated and each situation is different, but it’s clear that we all have the same goal: end with the bug.

The most important thing now is health. But we also should take care of each other and, if we can, support the small initiatives and projects, entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, small shops and businesses, small brands, the baker, the greengrocer, the neighbor and the bar around the corner, among others. These will be the ones that will have the worst part once this is over (and during the confinement).

We are very afraid of closing the workshop and stopping the activity. We are sure that many of you will understand. But we are confident that, if the higher-ups don’t help us, we will help each other from down under.

Cheer up <3

This too shall pass.

We send you lots of love from all the bienhechas.

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  • Virginia

    Enhorabuena por vuestra valentía con este iniciativa. Son tiempos difíciles y entre todas tenemos que apoyarnos. Cuidaros mucho para volver con fuerza. 💪💪💪💪

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