Colaboración Labienhecha Deedivine riñoneras eco-piel reciclada


We met Denisa Dědičová at Muelle Uno (Málaga) when we were selling our bienhechas. She’s the co-founder and creative part of Deedivine skirts, a brand specialized in making wonderful tailored skirts for their customers in Prague (Check Republic).

We loved her project. She loved ours. So, why not collaborating together? This is how our check Toñi and Lola were created, specially made for an event of Deedivine skirts, straight from Labienhecha workshop in Málaga to Check Republic.

We cannot ignore something that we love about this brand (other than those amazing fabrics!), and it is that they use to collaborate with charity projects and allocate part of their incomes to them.

We wish Denisa and Deedivine every success in this adventure of undertaking… even if we are sure that this was our first collaboration but it won’t be the last one, we make a great team!

Thank you so much for trusting us!

Click here to learn more about Deedivine skirts. 

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