This is us in our workshop. You can finally put a face to the 11 bienhechas behind this wonderful project in which we’ve been involved for more than a year now. This is our way of life.

Honestly, we really wanted you to know all of us, but we didn’t have any decent pictures until our good friend Gabriel Tineo came to see us with his best eyes and left us these amazing photos for the memory. (Thanks a million, Gabi <3) You can see more pictures and meet each one of us here

We use this “face to face” with you to tell you something important: 

We’re seeing what’s happening around us and we’re all having a bad time. We’re sure that many of you (we wish just a few of you) have lost your job. Some of you are still on ERTE. Some of you have closed your business. And some others have no idea of what’s going to happen in a short, medium or long-term future. And it’s the same for Labienhecha.

As a project and a small brand, this is too much for us. And not only for us… sadly, there’re many like us.

That’s why, we want to strongly ask you for your support and your help. Especially now, in the moment of highest consumption of the year that starts with Black Friday. 

And now that we’re talking about Black Friday:

Many of you are asking if we’re going to join the Black Friday and we’re kind of confuse.

On the one hand, we work every day so you can have the fairest price, and, in addition, we usually give you discounts to help you with your orders. This is something that has been accentuated since this crazy crisis began.

We think that this is helping you and helping us. The thing is that we start to find ourselves strangled and we can’t do much more than we’re already doing.

We’ve been juggling for months in order to save the project. We’re working so hard and we’re even trying to improve thousands of things with great optimism.

The problem is that our project is hanging by a thread (as many others’ one). Figures don’t tally and we’re between a rock and a hard place, we’re even about making hard decisions.

In fact, of the 11 ones you can see in the pic, we’re already missing one of them (an important one, as everyone). - Su, we miss you <3

The truth is that: small projects cannot survive to this craziness nor making 50%, 60% or 70% discounts. (We already wrote a post last year about it that you can read here)

For all this, we’re strongly against marking a date in the calendar to multiply our sales by a really crazy number. Is that even sustainable? How a small project can face the sales and the stock needed for a Black Friday?

We don’t work with big stocks, quite the contrary. We don’t think that storing a big stock is the most sustainable way of production.

But, on the other hand, we also need selling (now more than ever). It would be really cynical and ridiculous to say otherwise. And not just that, but we would also like to give you discounts to help you, even more taking into account the COVID situation.

We’re here thanks to you. We owe you everything and you deserve the best. We know that you’re waiting for that day and we don’t want to disappoint you.

You need some help to buy and we need some help to sell and move forward.

That’s why, we think that this is an important reason to make something to help and we’ve decided to rescue our last year campaign and leave this decision in your hands once again. If you need the discount, use it freely and without having bad feelings. In fact, we launch this campaign because things are difficult for everybody :) If you don’t need it, you have in your hands the chance to help a little bit more.

This is what we can offer to you:

  • Code 1 – IDONTNEEDADISCOUNT – No discount will be applied but we’ll include a very special gift :)
  • Code 2 - IONLYNEED10 – 10%
  • Code 3 – IONLYNEED20 – 20%
  • Code 4 - INEED30 – 30%
  • Code 5 – INEED35 – 35%
  • Code 6 – INEED40 – 40% - (we only can offer this one in orders over 169€)

These codes will be available until November 30th. We wish we could give you more, but our profit margins are very small and this is a huge sacrifice for us. 

Whatever the case may be, even you use it or not, you’ll help us with your order. If you can’t or you don’t want to buy, there’s no problem! You can always help by sharing or spreading and/or buying from another small brand of those that need you a lot.

Whatever you do, we only ask you a very important thing: from now to the end of Christmas and the sales periods, support small business, support artisans, support enterprising women and men and small brands.

It’s in your hands. Bet on well-made gifts. This year, we need you more than ever.

From our heart: the 11 bienhechas.


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