Well, here we’re again, on the verge of Black Friday, thinking about what we should or we shouldn’t do, racking our brains to be responsible and coherent and, especially, thinking about the situation of Labienhecha not forgetting WHAT’S THE BEST FOR YOU.

This time prior to Black Friday is always difficult. We always get confused and it’s really hard for us to reach final conclusions.

❤️On the one hand, you already know our situation…

A couple of months ago, we couldn’t help but making a really hard decision because we realized that we were not profitable. We had to possible situations:

1. Giving up and closing Labienhecha.

2. Trying it, following the experts' advice, by raising our prices to adjust margins and try to end the year without debts.

We’re not going to lie. We thought about the first option, because at some point you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. But then we realized why we are here, how we’ve reached this point, we thought about everything we owe to the people who have trusted us, about our community, our customers and all the good things we still have to do and… We can’t give up? 

No, we’ve not given up. We’re struggling hard with the sole goal to meet the goal: reaching the end of the year in a healthy way that allows us to keep moving forward.

Hopefully, we have the very best on the other side. 

You understood us with the price rise and you encouraged us to carry on. We’ll always say it: we’re here THANKS TO YOU. And…We hope we can keep doing it for a long time, because it’s worth it!

We’ve just launched a new collection and, even if we’ve not been able to make all the units we’d like to because we couldn’t buy everything we need, we’re very happy because of your feedback.

There are few units and many designs are already sold out. We’re now negotiating so we can have materials this week to have a minimum stock so you can order from now until Xmas. We're sure we're going to do it... meanwhile, enjoy what's available.

And we hope that thanks to our hard work and your support the rest of the year, we’ll be able to meet this goal.

💔On the other hand, the damned Black Friday…

Yes, damned. We don’t mince our words. Because it can be confusing for everyone. Or because we let it confuse us…

We think that it’s not bad to sell (it’d be very cynical to say the opposite given that Labienhecha depends 100% on selling to go on, to keep employment, to promote local economy or the made in Spain (the real one, not the “designed in Spain” but made “no matter where” one), and to keep betting products as sustainable as possible. 

What we think is bad is to lie, to trick or to make Black Friday dodges like “disguised price rise 24h before you’re going to buy with 50%, 60% or 70%” (Yes, we think that we’re buying with discounts but it’s not true).

Wow...Where is honesty and transparency?

Honestly, we think that customers deserve better, right?

The thing is that what we’re going to explain here is far away from that Black Friday concept that implies trickery and manipulation.

The only thing we take into account is our need to sell so we can go on and your need to have good terms and care for your Xmas purchases.

😅About discounts...

When we announced our price rise we also had to decide if we’d keep offering discounts or not and, to be honest, discounts have taken our profit margin off or we’ve even lost money because of them.

The thing is that we’re receiving many questions about discount and Black Friday and you know that we feel really sad every time you say you want “that bienhecha” but you can’t buy it because you can’t afford it.

On the other hand, some of you also support our decision of not offering discounts and point out the value of Labienhecha so numbers can add up and we can survive.

So... the same way we did last year, we’re leaving Black Friday in your hands and so you can choose regarding your needs or your thoughts :)

👉 If you don’t need a discount, you can use the code IDONTNEEDADISCOUNT from now on. This code doesn’t include any discount but to thank you for your support, we’ll include an SPECIAL GIFT (A cool one!)

👉 If you need a discount, don’t worry, because we’ll activate some of them (with great pleasure) so you can use the one you need without bad feelings. (There will be discounts for everybody, but they’ll also be the last ones...because we won’t offer them again).

👉 Also, some designs are already on sale in the last units section of our website, so these discounts will be added :)

However, we’re going to change something regarding last year:

DISCOUNTS WILL BE AVAILABLE VERY SHORT TIME because this year we have very few units and, even if we’ll made pre-orders and customized items available, we can’t perform miracles...hehe

😬This is what we’re going to do:

👉 As we have few units and we’ll accept just limited PRE-ORDER units so we can COMPLETELY GUARANTEE that they’ll be READY FOR XMAS, we’ll priorice people subscribe to our newsletter with and Early ACCESS 24h earlier (if you’re not in our list, you can subscribe yourself here). In that access email, you’ll find the available discounts <3

👉Then we’ll make discounts public and they’ll be available during Black Friday for everybody.

We’re saying goodbye with these discounts. THERE WON’T BE MORE DISCOUNTS as in the past.

We hope those ones can help :)

🙏🏼VERY LAST THING: Please, help those who really give everything for their projects

Maybe you’re not interested in buying a bienhecha and… it’s alright! But we dare to ask you something:

1. Support the one who needs it, the small brands and your neighborhood store or those who produce here in a responsible way. They provide a really important value and they need you to keep going on (as we do).

2. If you can’t but or you don’t have to make gifts, no problem. You can also help by sharing or promoting their products (you can share this post, for instance)

3. Buy consciously and responsibly: Xmas is coming and you can choose. Read the label and don’t let them to trick you. Support well-made brands, because they deserve it :)

As usual, thanks a million for reading us, for being with us and choosing us.

We’re going to work hard… (and keep fingers crossed so everything is gonna be alright).

Big hug from all of us <3

P.S. The code IDONTNEEDADISCOUNT is already available. For the rest of the discounts, stay tuned to your email or our social media so you’ll know once they’re public.

P.S. If you're not in the list and you want to have an early access to the discounts, subscribe yourself here.

P.S. We forgot about something: remember that you can defer your purchases with APLAZAME (only Spain) when you buy in our online store. This can be a big help too ;)


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