Taaaa-daaaaahhh!!!! The time you (and us) were waiting for has come...

Finally, we open the doors of Labienhecha and we launch the first creative workshops to share together a experience that is really exciting for us.

Because, hey, ordering a bienhecha is so cool, but creating your own bag and take it to home with a huge satisfaction of making it yourself is another story...

We're really excited to share this with you 🥰

This idea is in our mind since the project started, but we had never found the right moment to carry it out.

And now we couldn't be more excited about teaching you what we make here and how we make it!

We've always thought that we're not here just to sell our bags, and that Labienhecha has a lot to offer because it's an alive project made by people for people.

We still have a lot to do more related to our values than to the fashion industry or the things we sell. We wish it'll be very soon!

We have no doubt that our bags are nothing without the people and the work behind them, and from now on you'll be able to discover everything that implies making one of our bienhecha with your own hands.

We can't explain this experience with words but you need to live it.

The best gift doesn't come in a box 🎁

That's why, we launch Labienhecha's workshops in this special time of the year so you can bet on gifting a really cool experience.

For now, those are the available workshops:

    A sure hit...😌

    We find a wonderful idea to gift experiences to the people we love because that means gifting time, care, experiences... At the end of the day, it's the only gift that you can have a good time with.

    A experience where you can experience in the flesh what we live every day in this project. 

    We can't wait to share those moments with you...

    And...if you're thinking about offering a gift this Xmas...

    Don't look for anymore because this is the perfect gift for any "well-made" person!

    Btw! As we don't forget anything... we'll ship a special box with all the details to the person that will get a workshop as a gift <3

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