We're having a veeeery magic Xmas in the workshop...

And today we're going to tell you one of the most lovely and beautiful stories that we've ever lived here ❤️ 

This year, although it's been a hard one for us, has given us a lot of magic moments that we keep in our hearts.

And between all those moments, it's the arrival of Joaquín. 


And who's Joaquín? 😺

Well, Joaquín is a wild cat that showed up in the workshop one day and he entered asking for some help. He came out of nowhere (he should be abandoned in the street), so undernourished, dirty and lame. 

He appeared begging for some help in the workshop when we were on fire (he well knew that he would find it, we think...).

It was something very special... specially because stray cats are not like him. And however, he not only came to ask for help but also to give us a lot of love.

And well... we love animals so much and we couldn't resist...

In a matter of minutes, Joaquín had food and even an improvised home with packaging boxes, remains and blankets.

We started loving him little by little...😻 

Since then, Joaquín came everyday to get some heat, food and water...

We couldn't believe it because given that he was a wild cat, our Joaquín seemed to be a being from another planet.

He filled us with happiness every time he stopped by... We always got hypnotised, we caressed and pampered him... 

Time to be a suuuuperstar cat 🤩

But the best moment came the day we made the new collection's shooting. It was something really magic because we had a huge problem that was a comedown and, when we gave everything up for lost, Joaquín came up as the king of the house, got into the set and stood at the forefront. He posed for us as he had been a model cat during all his life. 

We couldn't laugh anymore and we even loved him more that day!!

A real "well-made" cat! Even his expressions were so cool! 😹

A very well-made cat, yes, but he needed a home 🏡

During all that time, we couldn't stop thinking about how we could help him... He broke our heart every time he came up so scared and tired looking for a refuge...💔

Joaquín already spent the day with us. He appeared early in the morning and he even knocked the workshop's door.

But we couldn't leave him inside the workshop at night because of many reasons... and we couldn't take him home without going to the vet first because we all have pets at home and it could be kind of dangerous.

So once Joaquín already trusted us, he allowed us to put him in a carrier and take him to the vet.

And...well, we didn't have good news.

They said that Joaquín was about 3 years old, but he was pretty ill (a lot of diseases that we can't even name).

But that made us even more human and our Anita, whose heart is bigger than herself, adopted Joaquín so, from the warm of a home, Joaquín could get better as much as possible.

Now, thanks to our Anita, Joaquín has all the care and love in the world ❤️ 

And, well...he's a different cat now! His looks, his will to live...oh! 

We wish he'll completely get over soon.

Come what may, we know that he's in the best place!

We think that he was abandoned (he didn't seem to be a 100% stray cat because of his behavior)...

We wish these things never happened and we could be more conscious about animal's life.

It breaks our heart to live something like that, because they deserve a fair treatment and respect for their lives...

If you can't take care of them, don't have them... But please, don't abandon them 🙄

PS: Not to talk about the amazing outfit of our Bárbara in this shooting... In case you're wondering... The designs that she rocks is our Jacinta 🥰 


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