We could definitely say the typical message of "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life because you will be happy for sure and you will success in life and everything will be amazing", but NO. This is not our message today.

It’s true that when you do what you love, you don’t care to spend all the time in the world, you even need it, you live for it, you put your soul and you heart. Because when you love something, you truly love it.

However, in order to do what you love, you would probably need to make double efforts or triple efforts to achieve your aims. And watch out! We’re not telling you not to pursuit it; we just want to launch a very realistic message.

We should be aware that it is not a bed of roses and even if we make huge efforts, we may not achieve our goals. And it’s okay if you don’t achieve them. We just need to be a little bit realistic.

How many business close everyday? How many good projects are up in the air? How many entrepreneurs throw in the towel before starting to turn over because they are overcome by the system? How many brave people are paying loans of business declared bankruptcy?

Have you ever thought about it? We are sure that some of you are conscious of it… Honestly, we face it everyday. And the fear that the horrible moment to put the CLOSED up arrived is always there.

We are not so sure if, in the case that you have started a project or a business, taken out a loan or been brave enough to start doing what you love, you are conscious of THE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE HAD.

This opportunity (at least) is absolutely necessary for try to get ahead of anything.

Many people (a high percentage, by the way) don’t have it, and no matter how much effort or fight they give to a project, if they don’t have this opportunity, they can arrive where they want. What is more, the true is that they can’t arrive anywhere… they won’t be able even to start. They were probably motivated by this message of “do what you love” or “be an entrepreneur and be happy”.

Honestly, we wish everything were that easy.

We feel that we have had this “damned” luck. This opportunity of being here trying to learn to run this project that we love so much. And we say “damned” because we know that not everybody have this luck. Because when some of us have it, it means that there are others who don’t have it. Because it’s something like a privilege, and privileges are not cool at all.

That’s exactly why we should feel grateful and work hard (very hard) to be up to scratch and not waste nor the opportunity nor the luck nor the damned privilege.

Would we do it again? Yes, absolutely.

Do we recommend you to do it? Yes, but please, be sure that you’re not motivated by a message that has no basis at all. Make researches, analyze it and fill yourself with courage, but above all, do It if you have a plan and that opportunity. In this case, make the most of it. 


  • Adela

    Estoy deseando tener mi primer bolso de La Bienhecha en mis manos!!! ❤️ Mucho ánimo y fuerza para seguir en la lucha por vuestros sueños día a día. Sois un ejemplo a seguir

  • Anabel

    No recuerdo haber llevado un bolso que me gustará más en mi vida. Es precioso y tan suave!!!!
    Y orgullosa de decir que es de “La bien hecha”, un taller de mujeres que quieren hacer las cosas bien y lo consiguen

  • Sandra

    Enhorabuena a todas por el trabajo tan maravilloso que estáis haciendo. Yo particularmente ya no quiero bolsos de otro sitio. Son increíbles, !seguid así! :)

  • Ana

    Enhorabuena por luchar por lo que queríais , por visualizar un mundo mejor y fuerza para esos momentos de flaqueza necesarios a veces para coger más impulso y continuar por el camino correcto ..

  • Concha

    Sois fantásticas, y ese maravilloso proyecto en el que estáis inmersas, tendrá el fruto que se merece, besos

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