We want to tell you something important:

When we started this project, we were sure that we wanted to show that there’s another way of making things.

People looked at us funny. They told we were crazy. Very few people trusted us.

What?, an artisanal project?, a sustainable workshop?, and even a feminist one?...

And the truth is that, despite trying it (hard, so hard), we almost gave up.

We had left our works, some of us even moved out of our cities, others made great sacrifices to get Labienhecha off the ground.

At that moment, quitting this project meant quitting the idea that there’s indeed another way of making things. It meant quitting sustainability.

And when we had lost all our strength, the miracle and the hope came.

We finally understood that sustainability is not an option anymore.

It was (and it is) our way of thinking and living. And so, it’s our way of producing

Sustainability is the only way, and we will never get tired to repeat it.

And well… We were the weird ones until now, but it will be them soon. Those who lie to us with green labels. Those who don’t open the doors of a workshop because there, where they produce, there’s no glimmer of sun and even less of hope.

Now we want to make you the question: Whose side you’re on?

We just can say one thing: it’ll be more or less difficult but, in the end, there will be only one way of making things. And it must be the good one. The transparent and honest one.

Easy? Not at all!

Honestly, we tell you that we have to make huge efforts to make every bag that comes out from this workshop profitable with the artisanal and sustainable production model that we have and defend.

And yet, we’re not going to China, to Taiwan, to Bangladesh. We’re not going to take part of all those things we’ve been fighting against since we started this project. We're not going to support a way of making things that destroys values and crushes the small ones.

And we’re not going to deny it: it’s been the hardest mission of our lives.

But… Do you know what?

We swear you that we’ll keep making it this way, now and forever.

Labienhecha will be HAND and HEARTMADE in Spain, or it won’t be anything.

And you, where are you?

On our side?

Or on theirs?


Thanks a million to Gabi ( for this video. Very few people make things with all his soul. Thanks also to Fran (Abrigo de Pelos) for putting the icing on the cake with his music.

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