Sometimes, when things go wrong (or even worst) there is something that saves the whole situation. I say “sometimes” because other times they can’t be saved even by the greatest of miracles.

We wish we’ll get over this and hope things will be better for all of us… (we take the opportunity to send our love to all our colleagues, artisans, projects and small brands or freelancers that are fighting hard against this times).

We can’t deny that we’re living times full of unexpected curves and drastic twists. We all need to adapt ourselves to the changes. Here, at Labienhecha, as well.

The pandemic situation has put us between a rock and a hard place, and it has made us to take very hard decisions. An express change of workshop, the closing of our store (how beautiful it was Labienhecha of the city center…), saying goodbye to our markets, no more travelling and, the worst of all, having the kind of uncertainty and fear that paralyzes you in a crazy way.

We’ve thought about everything during this time. Whether to go on or not. Whether to bet or not. And at every step, the fear was even bigger! All of this has been mixed with our wish to keep making well-made things despite all the pressures and problems.

We’ve been very disheartened during the confinement, but like a good family, we were all together supporting and keeping afloat each other. We’re so lucky for being part of this great team. (We know that we say it many times, but we take the opportunity to say thank you to each and every bienhecha that give their best every day for this).

The thing is that, suddenly, when we had almost lost the game, this chance came, and it was for us like a glimmer of hope.

Yes, Galeries Lafayette knocked at our door and got interested in our project. At the beginning we were like “bah, we won’t have the chance”, but we were in touch more and more with their team and, step by step, we were getting something magical for us.

It was several weeks of emails, calls, paperwork… At that point, more than ever, we really said thank you and got proud of have been fighting since the very beginning for a 100% transparent, artisanal and local production, as well as for certified materials.

Why? Because otherwise it would be inconceivable to take part of the Go For Good movement. A great proposal that Galeries Lafayette has launched with a very clear goal: be able to have 100% of responsible and sustainable brands by 2024. It would be great if some others would follow the example here, right?

The day we received that email, we felt like we had won the lottery. We jumped, laughed, cried… and we accepted the great challenge.

We’ve had to learn things so fast and we’ve had to work really hard during all this time, to sacrifice many things and deal with thousands of problems. But… we did it! And… the good thing is that this shows that, sometimes, hard work gets rewarded.

The best of all is that during the learning and production progress, we’ve lived the best moments at Labienhecha’s workshop. We wish you could see us through a hole :)

Since about fifteen days ago, our “Heartmade in Málaga” bienhechas are in 15 stores of Galeries Lafayette in France and Belgium, among others, as well as in their online store and under the Go for Good brand. And… oh my God! We couldn’t have imagined that. We still can’t believe it.

We’re very excited and we needed to share it with you, because we wouldn’t be still at the other side without you.

We want to keep improving. We want to keep working hard. And we want to keep dreaming. Thanks to your support and the support of initiatives like that of Galeries Lafayette, small projects like Labienhecha still have the hope of change and the chance to move forward.

We would love to have more of this for everyone, which is very necessary.

We feel really lucky.
Thanks, from our heart, to all of you who make that possible.

Lots of love from all the bienhechas.

And that was the day that we celebrated the great challenge :)


  • Diana

    Enhorabuena Chicas! , a seguir apoyando a la pequeña industria en España… ¡pura calidad!

  • Lola

    Bueno, que estupenda noticia, me alegro todo. El trabajo bien hecho “a veces” tiene recompensa. Mucha fuerza y a seguir adelante.

  • Lola

    Bueno, que estupenda noticia, me alegro todo. El trabajo bien hecho “a veces” tiene recompensa. Mucha fuerza y a seguir adelante.

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