Oh! 2021 is already here and we’ve had no time even to assimilate it… If you had asked us last March how we’d end this year, we think that anyone of us could have imagined it that way. 

We’ve felt so much fear and uncertainty. We’ve gone round and round so much. We’ve learnt so much. And you have helped us so much. Labienhecha has beaten such a damn year THANKS TO YOU.

We can’t describe how we feel by having you there, at the other side. For real, THANKS A MILLION for all the love, the support and for all that orders you’ve placed (many of them were under the tree in Xmas and other ones should be now in the Three Wise Men’s hand…). You can’t imagine how exciting that is for us :)

We’re now kind of shocked. To be honest, last October and November we were really concerned because we didn’t know how we’d face the end of the year. We’ve done it with a lot of effort and with your help, but now it’s time to balance and plan what is to come.

We don’t know if the 11 bienhechas that have been getting this project off the ground until know will stay here. Doing the math is being hard. That’s why, we’re going to take a little break to rest (body and mind) and try to recover energy to retake the workshop with great enthusiasm. We’re leaving now and we’ll come back next Monday 11th January, and we’ll see what we can think to make the wheel goes around… 

During the break, we leave sales in your hands:

To compensate the break and to thank you for your support, we’ve thought about retaking our last campaign and leaving again sales in your hands.

Many of you are asking us and we know that you’re waiting for them. We also know that it’s a hard time (say it to us…) and that now it’s time to help each other.

We really need to keep selling to save the project and to keep everyone’s job. It’s essential to keep the activity to be able to overtake next months, given that we already know they won’t be easy.

But you also know that small brands like ours can’t afford great discounts because we’d lost the profit margin to keep investing. 

That’s why, in our last campaign, we left Black Friday in your hands and now we want to do it again so you can choose whatever you need. If you need a discount, a big or a small one, use it without having bad feelings. If you don’t need it, you can help a little bit more. But in both cases, you’ll help us a lot.

How are we going to do it?

You have all these codes so you can use the one you need the most:

  • Code 1 – IDONTNEEDSALES – No discount will be applied but we’ll include a very special gift :)
  • Code 2 - IONLYNEED10 – 10%
  • Code 3 – IONLYNEED20 – 20%
  • Code 4 – INEED25 – 25%
  • Code 5 - INEED30 – 30%
  • Code 6 – INEED35 – 35% (for orders over pedidos superiores a 169€)
  • Code 7 – INEED40 – 40% - (we can only offer this one for orders over 199€)

*All the orders will be shipped from January 11th, after our break
*Limited units (while current stock lasts – we’re not restocking for sales)
*Not valid for customized bienhechas

If you can’t or you don’t want to buy, no problem at all! You can help by sharing or spreading. Or by buying in another of those brands that need you so much. 

Let’s go for 2021… we don’t want to disappoint you, so we promise we’re recovering full energy and we’ll come back more bienhechas than ever after this break :)

Happy 2021 to you too. Thanks for being with us in such a crazy year.

We send you a big hug from all the bienhechas.

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    Código 3. Gracias

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