Oh my God!, the Third Generation!...It's been a longtime since the First Generation and, at the same time, it's so recent...

You know that at Labienhecha we live kind in a space-time loop... So many things have happened in so little and eeeeverything go so, so, so fast that...oh...

But: we're launching this new collection with the same excitement that the first one but with a confident we didn't have then and with the satisfaction of a more and more well-made work. Labienhecha grows, but we're also growing with her! And...It shows!

Three years in the workshop, fighting as warriors to improve every day, overcoming obstacles (sometimes, huge ones), trying to show that THERE IS another way to make things, supporting brand values that we don't want to quit come what way and, specially, learning, moving forward and growing little by little.

This collection is for us our best work so far. When we see it, we can feel LABIENHECHA IN ITS PURE STATE (AND A MORE MATURE ONE)

Also, something that maybe didn't happen before 100%, it's happening now: every one in this team would wear ALL the designs in our daily life. For real, we want them all in every color. 

And well, this is because this collection represents who we are and what we want.

We don't talk a lot about this because they're "internal and organizational" matters but... it's incredible what a close team can get. We're really proud of all of this because at Labienhecha there are also values related to it (not only with the project or the brand, but also with the team and the family) that are very important here, even more than the rest. 

(Sorry for getting emotional, but it's true: we're a super team!)

Returning to the new collection...

We're really proud of our Ramona, Jacinta, Hortensia, the three Cármenes...They're new designs that, in some cases, are very different from what we've done so far and show a huge qualitative jump.

We're also proud because we've fixed thousand things and improve a lot some designs that we wanted to rescue by all means and get their best versions.

It's the case of Amparito (The Elder One) and Encarnita (The Elder One), two designs 100% inspired by our best sellers origami bags but now are so improved and become much more structured and durable bags. They keep their shape, but their making are extremely better. 

We have to add to them our Toñi (The Elder One), Lola (The Elder One) or Úrsula (The Elder One), they're all designs that have been with us since the First Generation but we wanted to rescue them once we could given them what they deserve: a quality according to the Third Generation.

In addition to design and improvement, we'd like to tell you that we've also move forward in materials. We keep finding more and more better options that help us to turn our bags in a really sustainable and better option.

Paints, edges finishing, glue...we're really improving!

In fact, we've had a really bad time with the COVID situation because we've noticed that many things have changed. Some qualities have been reduced (without prior notice) and we've lived a trap, having to fix things that we didn't even know. Not to talk about the lack of supplies that is happening now everywhere.

As the 95% of everything we use is from national origin, we think that we won't suffer it (here we'll all see all those people who lies when they say that everything is Made in Spain...). We have seen that everything goes slower and some things have a lower quality, we think that this is because companies has less stuff and things are made with less care.

It's never the case of our main suppliers, in which we really trust, but we've noticed it in some things that are important to guarantee a quality.

The good part is that, thanks to all that problems, we've found new, safer and better options. Also more expensive, yes, but sometimes you need to bet on it to get a better quality :)

Well...you can see that we're in love, right?

We're not going to keep bothering you...it's better if you discover The Third Generation and...hope to hear from you soon!

We're really happy.

We wish you'll love the outcome 💜

Big hug from the workshop 🤗



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