Today we have news that many of you won’t like. That’s why, after all, we want to say that we would like you to read these lines from optimism and hope, because Labienhecha moves forward stronger than ever despite everything.

And now, here’s the news: we close the physical store of Labienhecha, that one called by us (and by the people of Málaga) Labienhecha of the city center.

We’ve been already talking about our new normal, about thousands of decisions that we had made, changes, numbers here and there to do the math. We’ve even asked you because we had no idea of how to do it.

We had to move from our workshop in El Palo to the new warehouse. It was kind of dramatic at the beginning, especially for those of us we’ve seen Labienhecha be born there. Now, once we’ve achieved to turn the bad side and see in a super positive way, we’re very happy in our new workshop.

We want to be positive about the store too. We don’t want to see it like a step back or a defeat or something like that. We’ve just come to the conclusion that the most coherent and responsible — given the current situation and given that we’ve not been able to negotiate in our store — is to close the store so we can keep providing a good online service and focus our energy in saving this project without taking risks.

And yes, we believe that the store, that one we opened so excited, today can become a huge risk for Labienhecha. Seeing it like this, we may be doing the right thing by sacrificing the store to be able to save the rest.

We know that many of you were waiting quite the opposite. We even know that some of you don’t really like to buy online.

That’s why we’re going to think how to put it easier so we can stay close. We’ve many ideas and we’ve energy, so we’re sure that we’ll find that closeness that we loss by closing the physical store.

We’ll also think how to improve all the shipping and returns conditions. And, of course, we’ll wait with enthusiasm all that events and markets that we miss so much.

This one won’t be a summer of markets like the last year, we won’t go across kilometers to bring our bienhechas closer to you, but it’ll be a summer of giving you all our online love and improving all that is yet to come. We’ve many designs in the oven, many ideas, many collaborations and a great desire that Labienhecha moves on.

By the way! The people of Málaga can still get your orders in Málaga, in our new workshop. And for the rest of you, we’ll see what we can offer you :)

For now, and in order to compensate for the closing of the sore, we’ve thought about a little craziness that we think you may like:

We’re going to put in the online Market of Labienhecha all the stock in perfect condition that we had in the store, as well as many bienhechas with small defects (explain in every product). All of this with a huge discount applied (you can’t add other discount when buying in The Market).

We hope we’ll have soon another Labienhecha of the city center, even more beautiful! In the meantime, we recall that saying about “a door is closed, and a window is opened” and we keep giving love to our new workshop and to the new bienhechas’ collection.

Lot of virtual hugs to all of you!

Thanks for being there, from the <3

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