Labienhecha goes for color in any season

It's said that most colorful outfits are for summer, but many people disagree! 

Why to limit us and relate some colors to one season or another?

We think that fashion is great to try out and express your most authentic side. We create every bag thinking that each person will give it a unique touch and a different personality. 

Does the bag give you personality or do you give it to the bag? Ouch...

Create very well-made outfits is so easy if you show yourself just the way you are without taking conventionalism into account. And in this style guide we give you some of the coolest examples by our favorite influencers!

Watch out! We're not saying that you don't wear colors that are typical from winter, we also have many of them ;)

Also, we love autumn and cold colors. But wear them just because you really want to. And forget about impositions ;)

In short, wear whatever you want! 

And... let's live, because life is short! ūüėö 








If you want to wear a more colorful outfit no matter the season, don't hesitate to dot it, because... your time is now!

You can take advantage of these last cold days...And now that spring is coming, keep wearing whatever you want!


@audrey_satan - Ramona (The Small One)

@cariatydes - Ramona (The Big One)

@mxfeza - Sof√≠a Hija 2nd Generation

@slanelle - Paca

@iamlazykat - Sof√≠a Hija 2nd Generation

@sagjenajafi - Pepa 2nd Generation

@carolynmoura - Sof√≠a Madre 2nd Generation

@menswearshop - Ramona (The Big One)

@croquetamente__ - Lola (The Elder One)

@sibelicious - Amparito (The Elder One)

@van.pfitz - Josefa