Saghar Najafi: la reina de la colorimetría - Labienhecha

Saghar Najafi: the colorimetry queen

Do you love our fluor pink but you don't how to wear it? Usually, it's the biggest handicap to dare, right?

But look...

Our Saghar proves with her style that you can wear it with everything and this color has a lot of possibilities. 

We discovered her on Instagram and we found she had a great style. But what the love the most is her attitude to rock these great outfits. 

Sometimes we can think that fluor pink is a difficult color to wear, but she makes it seem so easy. And... that's why we like her so much!

Because she rocks it everywhere in a bienhecha style with her Pepa 2nd Generation






If you want to learn more about her, you can find her Instagram and Tik Tok below: 

Instagram: @sagjenajafi

Tik Tok: @sagjenajafi