These are the terms and conditions of use that rules your reservation and the attendance to our workshop in Labienhecha. By making a purchase in this website, you agree to accept these Conditions of use and legal aspects that you can find specified here. Please, be sure to read and understand them before using our website.

In this website you can check your reservation, as well as the terms and conditions that rule our workshops and the cancellation or change of the reservation.


Buying your items of Labienhecha is very easy. You only need to select your workshop and the date you want and click “Book now”. If you have any trouble placing your order or navigating our website, please restart your browser. If the problem persists, please reach us out. Our technical team will help you as soon as possible.


You can pay your orders by credit or debit card or by Paypal. If you choose paying by credit card, you can pay safely by Visa, American Express or MasterCard. The payment is made through Stripe with secure encryption and strict bank regulations. Your credit card data are submitted directly to the bank, so anyone external to the bank is unable to have access to it.

Labienhecha doesn’t impose surcharges or additional costs for paying by credit card. However, your bank might apply additional charges depending on the bank and on the card type. If you pay with credit or debit card, conditions will be applied when the credit card transaction is approved. If the payment has not been received after ordering, Labienhecha can automatically cancel it.

Although it's rare, if you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please email us at hola@labienhecha.com and we will send you a bank account number so you can make the payment.

You can also choose to finance your purchase with Aplazame (*only for Spain). In this case, the user agrees that all his/her personal data are entirely transferred to Aplazame from the moment that the user hires the deferred payment service offered by the latter when choosing the payment method. This acceptance extends to third parties that have to access the files for the successful conclusion of the contract

If you have any trouble or error making your payment, please try this:

- Use a different credit card

- Use a different payment method

- Restart your browser and try again

- Delete cookies or memory cache and try again

- If problems remain, please email us at hola@labienhecha.com


You can check in each workshop the number of attendee needed to carry it out. If 24h before the stablished date the minimum number of attendance has not been reached, we'll reach you out and we could change the date or refund the money you've paid for the reservation.  


If you can't attend to the workshop you've reserved, you can cancel or modify your reservation up 48h before. Within this deadline, you will be able to change your reservation or ask for the refund. 

In case the cancelation is requested out of this deadline, we can't refund you reservation.  


All the prices shown in the website of labienhecha.com include TAXES  los precios mostrados en la página web labienhecha.com incluyen el IVA in accordance with the applicable law.

All the workshops will be completely paid when placing the reservation through our website.


Once we've received the purchase of your reservation, you'll receive a confirmation in the email address you've provided. The confirmation of the reservation works like a guarantee of proof of purchase. 


- The limit of every workshop will be restricted to a small group.

- The use of mask will be mandatory. 

- We'll provide you with individual work material. In case you need to share any tool, it'll be sanitized.

- You should respect a safe distance with the rest of attendance of 1,5m

- You'll find hydroalcoholic solution at the entrance